The Porsche Diesel Engine Company usually associated with Sports cars built tractors for a period after the 2nd World War. They had been supplying engines to another German company Allgaier who were building tractors. Porsche took over the tractor manufacturing in 1957, but ceased production in 1963.[1]


Porsche Super AP133 at GDSF - IMG 0718

A Porsche Super AP133 with Fitzmeyer cab at the GDSF in 2008, as part of a display of German tractors by a German club

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The Original Allgaier tractor was described as a Stationary engine on wheels. Based on a Hopper cooled type engine.[2]

An alternative history version has Allgaier taking production over from Porsche when they needed the capacity for car production in 1949, and then selling to Mannesman in 1957, and selling the tractor business to Renault in 1964.[3]

About 25,000 Porsche/Allgaier tractors were built over the 10 years from 1947-57, before Mannesman took over.

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For full list of earlier pre Porsche takeover tractor models see the Allgaier article.


These tractors are rare in the UK.

  • There is a collection of about Ten Porsche and Allgaier tractors owned by Sheffield collector Peter Bradley. This collection is believed to be the biggest in the country of this marque. The collection has been exhibited at Porsche events as well as Tractor rallies.[4]
  • A German owned Porsche supper AP133 model is show at the top of the page exhibited at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in 2008 by a German tractor club.

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