Cat Sixty pole-trailer at Welland 10 - IMG 8243

A loaded pole-trailer being pulled by a Caterpillar Sixty tractor

Pole trailer chassis - IMG 8253

Sliding axle on a pole trailer

A Pole Trailer is a type of trailer for carrying long loads such as timber poles, logs, steel beams etc. Other names are also used for similar trailers such as a pipe trailer or a log trailer. The common design features a central spine with a axle that can be slid along to adjust the length to suit the load. Most are a drawbar type with a front axle mounted on a turn table to be pulled by a tractor (wheeled or crawler) or by a lorry. The ones used with articulated lorry tractor units have a front frame mounted on the tractor unit and just a rear 'boggie' with the load cradles both pivoting to allow for Turning corners.

The earliest designs were used with horses and were then adopted for use with steam engines and quickly grew in size.

A lot are blacksmith or farm workshop built in the Inter war period and post war often from military surplus vehicles or damaged truck chassis.


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