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Pickering Steam Rally
Pickering Showmans line up 09 - IMG 3595.jpg
Some of the showman's engines lined up at Pickering on the Saturday evening in the Fairground area
Promoter Events & Exhibitions Ltd (in 2009)
Sponsors (main)
Date held on August
Duration (days) 4
Venue Pickering Showground
Location Pickering
County North Yorkshire
Country England
NTET Accredited ?
Attendance numbers
(approximate no.)
Next Event Date 2011 (new operator)
First Event was held in (year) ?
Last Event was held in (year) 2009(possibly)
No. of years held ?
New owner has taken on the showground & a new promoter is proposing to run the rally for 2010
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The LHS of Fairground from theFootbridge in 2009

The Wall of Death and the Russells Circus from the footbridge

The Pickering Steam Rally is held each August at The Showground at Pickering in North Yorkshire, England. The Event was organised by the Events and Exibitions Ltd and is one of a number of commercial rallies (as opposed to club & charity events). The Event has been hosted for the last few years by The Pickering Showground, located on the edge of Pickering Town on the edge of the the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. The Rally was previously run by The Events Office Ltd for several years. Prior to that it was was run by several other groups having started as a get together early on in the history of steam rallies by a few engine owners in the 1960s.

The site is a large multi-field site with some permanent infrastruct in the form of the Modern Northern Events Arena. The whole area is sheltered by trees and is adjacent to the Main Malton to Pickering Road.

2009 Event news

The 2009 event is one of the biggest to date and was billed as the biggest 4 day show in the country of this type. This was the 57th event held, making it one of the longest running steam fair events, but sadly this may have been the last due to the high costs of staging such events and financial problems with the previous & current promoters.[1]

2009 event exhibits

Some of the highlights are listed below with lists of the exhibits Exhibit classes included:

  • Steam engines & Miniature steam
  • Tractors
  • Several Working areas
  • 3 Show rings
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Fairground rides, Stalls and Fairground Organs with Steam and modern rides.
  • Vintage Cars
  • Motor & Pedal cycles
  • Vintage Horticultural machinery
  • Trade stalls & Auto jumble
  • Collectable Models
  • Collectables
  • Stationary Engines
  • Clubs stand for various organisations
  • Craft displays & stands in the indoor Arena.
  • Beer tent and Stage with several acts over the 4 days
  • A selection of catering vans and another Beer tent in the fairground area
  • Etc.

2009 Steam engines

Exhibit no's not quoted as non displayed in some sections or listed.

The line up was billed as 90 engines !!

NOTE: This list of engines is under construction and some are from another event. engines with a Yes check.pngY were present (others not verififed / updated yet).

Steam Engines list
Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
Yes check.pngY Aveling & Porter no. 8601 ALBION Showman's Engine 1915 OT 4239 P. Bowron, Co Durham 150px]] Conversion was a Roller originally
X Aveling & Porter no. 8754 The Squire of Tong Steam Roller 1916 VN 2370 D. Hare, Bradford Aveling & Porter no. 8754 roller The Squire of Tong reg VN 2370 at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 7663.jpg
Aveling & Porter no. 10357 Resolution Steam Roller 1922 NL 4218 owner ? 150px]] Interesting Blue colour scheme
Not listed
Aveling & Porter no. 10575 Luci Steam Roller 1923 PR 280 B. Summerell, Middlesbrough Aveling & Porter no. 10575 roller Luci reg PR 280 at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 7462.jpg Ex Eddison Steam Rolling Co.
X Aveling & Porter no. 11145 Ayesha Steam Roller 1925 TN 216 A. Borthwich, Seaham Aveling & Porter no. 11145 Roller Ayesha reg TH 216 at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 7472.jpg
Aveling & Porter no. 11451 Rhianon Steam Tractor 1926 PT 7442 W. Renton 150px]] ?
Aveling & Porter no. 12115 Ex Rambler Steam Tractor 1928 VW 5172 N. Crisp, York To add Restoration to tractor from Showmans (Conversion)
X Aveling & Porter no. 14070 Billy Boy Showman's Engine 1930 VN 2094 P. Bloom to add150px Ex Tractor (conversion)
Aveling & Porter no. 14071 Kathleen Steam Roller 1930 VN 2095 owner ? 150px]] not listed
Aveling & Porter no. 14125 Ruby Steam Roller 1931 KJ 1891 D. Tesseyman, York 150px]]
Burrell no. 2093 Duke of Ongar was (Old Faithfull) Traction Engine 1898 NO 6881 M. Charlton Northumberland 150px]] Renamed
X Burrell no. 2417 Old Dutch Steam Tractor 1901 AF 4393 M.J. Holt, Doncaster 150px]]
X Burrell no. 2696 The Maori Traction Engine 1904 BS 8259 M. Ellis. Dalton 150px]]
X Burrell no. 3444 His Lordship Showman's Engine 1913 CK 3403 G. Atkinson, Collection Burrell no. 3444 SRL His Lordship reg CK 3403 at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 7331.jpg Scarborough Fair Collection
Burrell no. 3618 The Scout Traction Engine 1914 TD 4276 owner ? Burrell no. 3618 TE The Scout reg TD 4276 at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 7412.jpg not in guide
X Burrell no. 3888 General Gough Showman's Engine 1921 NO 2379 N & B Myers & Sons, York 150px]]
Burrell no. 3909 Winston Churchill Showman's Engine 1922 NR 965 owner ? To Add On lorry (not in guide)
Clayton & Shuttleworth no. 38742 Louise Traction Engine 1906 NL 1216 A. Lister, Morpeth Clayton & Shuttleworth no 38742 - Louise - reg NL 1216 at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 7552.jpg
X Clayton & Shuttleworth no. 43187 Atlantia Traction Engine 1910 AH 5473 K. Bygrave, Kellington 150px]]
X Foden no. 13218 Cestria Steam wagon 1928 BUP 7 150px]]
X Foden no. 13536 - Steam wagon 1930 RY 9259 Ritchie collection Foden no. 13536 Steam wagon reg RY 9259 at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 7370.jpg
X Fowler no. 11082 Jaroslava
(ex Magdaburg)
Ploughing Engines K5 1907 SV 7345 R. Goodwill, York 150px]]
X Fowler no. 11114 Puffin Billy Traction engine 1906 (1913 in TER 2008) DS 8075 W. Ellis, Kilburn 150px]]
X Fowler no. 14321 Yorkshire Belle Showman's Engine 1916 BT 4580 Turner Brothers to add
X Fowler no. 14406 MTOTO Traction engine 1917 U 4171 ? 150px]] Not in Guide
X Fowler no. 15981 Eve Steam roller 1923 SV 5862 L. Donn, Lincolnshire 150px]]
Fowler no. 16289 Supremacy Traction engine 1925 NL 8292 Webster family, Rippon 150px]]
X Fowler no. 16439 Delilah Showman's Engine 1925 SM 5121 L. Vernon, Hetton Le Hole 150px]] Formerly Billy
X Fowler Phoenix Phoenix Road Locomotive 200? n/a J. Smith 150px]] Built from bits ! (no s/n listed)
X Garrett no. 32284 Princess Maud Showman's Engine 1918 DX 3099 G. Atkinson Burrell no. 3444 & Garrett no. 33284 loaded up at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 8025.jpg Scarborough Fair Collection
X Garrett no. 32762 Princess Mary Showman's Engine 1915 AD 8954 P. Dunford & Son Wakefield 150px]]
X Garrett no. 33486 Queen of Gt.Britain Showman's Engine 1919 AD 8787 Turner Brothers 150px]]
X Marshall no. 32092 Black Bess Traction Engine 1899 PY 5827 Harrison Family 150px]]
Marshall no. 35978 The Hermit Traction Engine 1901 TA 2434 K. Myers, Thirsk 150px]]
X Marshall no. 38024 Cressing Temple Traction Engine 1902 TA 629 D.P. Robinson 150px]]
Marshall no. 38977 King John Steam Tractor 1903 HR 3775 C. Peacock, York 150px]]
X Marshall no. 76890 Wayfarer Traction Engine 1923 PY 272 C. West 150px]]
Marshall no. 87003 Surprise Traction Engine 1934 TL 3612 Rockcliff Family 150px]] Owned by same Family for last 50 years !
X McLaren no. 682 - Traction Engine 190? - 150px]]
Robey no. Robey Portable engine 1940 n/a D. Warren, Yarm To add Ex Irish engine
X Robinson & Auden no. 1376 Little Buttercup Traction engine 1900 AD 8889 H. Lyons, Bedale To add Only TE survivor by R & A
Ruston & Hornsby no. 169166 Queen Bess Traction engine 1929 / 1933(TER 2008) TL 3433 Preston of Potto collection to add Listed as last built (but TER 2008 lists others) ?
X Sentinel no. 6079 - Steam wagon 1925 YL 2835 R. Goodwill To add Tanker body
X Sentinel no. 8351 - Steam wagon DG4 19? WE 3236 ? To add
Wallis & Steevens no. 2489 Victoria Traction engine 1900 AD 8906 A. Jackson, Holmfirth to add
X Wallis & Steevens no. 7769 Ambition Steam roller 1930 ? OU 4737 to add
no. Name type year reg owner Image notes

Fairground and Organs

The fairground engine line at night

The fairground was only rivalled by GDSF for size. With a good selection of classic Steamfair rides and a number of modern ones.

  • List to follow

Music was provided around the site with a large turnout of fairground organs spread around the site.

Commercial & Military vehicles

Trucks leaving the arena parade

A number of interesting vehicles were present. A good line up of Scammels and some other rare or unique models were present. The Organisation (layout) of some areas looked a bit disjointed with Vans and light commercials mixed in with the Large trucks.

The Military vehicles were in a separate area by the tractors away from the Commercials ? and had plenty of spare space by them, but were cut off from the two main rings.

Details to follow once steam sorted

  • (photos to follow later) And a few others trucks besides.


The huge Ford FW-30

The Tractor display was quite large but some disappeared after the Parade mid after noon. The layout was better for taking photos than some shows, but the order of the exhibits was only partially structured as exhibits were in some groupings and others were randomly mixed up, but were not packed too tight in the main as is usually the case.

A selection of the few I did get to follow.

Tractor exhibit list
entry no. Make Model no. / type Reg no. Serial no. (if known) year built Owner Photo Misc info
? County County Super-4 Reg no. ? County no. ? ? owner ? 150px]] Fitted with winch
Add any other tractors from this event above here in Entry no order / ABC by make if no number
add more entries by copying block below and pasting in between entries 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images

- Make Model no. Reg no. ? Serial no Year Owner ? 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images 150px]]

Plant and other working demonstrations

Classic plant

An immaculately restored Bristol Taurus and Back Actor.

A display of classic plant was provided by Vintage Excavator Trust members, with demonstrations of working draglines & a Caterpillar D4 in an area by the tractor & Stationary engine section.

VET display
LaAnson Crushers dispolay
Timber yard demonstration

Several sawmill demonstrations powered by steam

Farmyard demonstration
  • 3 steam powered threshing sets were working
  • Balers powered by tractor
  • Milling machinery also belt powered.

2008 Event

Exhibits that attended in 2008 include:

add details of earlier events here please

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