ERF CYC 387 and Thames Trader FTF 487B at Riverside Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally 2010

Peter Wareing is one of the Organisers of the Riverside Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally and is a collector of Classic commercials and owner of a Sentinel Steam Waggon. All the vehicles are in the light blue liver of the Family Steel Building business that supplies 'Kit' building for farms throughout the UK. The business has a 100 year history & is one of the oldest suppliers of Steel farm buildings still around.

Peter Wareings collection[edit | edit source]

Sentinel wagon sn 9003 Pendle lady reg VE 9963 at Southport 09 - IMG 7535.jpg

At Riverside 2010

A rare Trojan van

1934 Verbeeck 61 Key organ

Events[edit | edit source]

The vehicles from Peters Wareings collection can be seen at many events in the north west of England. Some of them are listed below;

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Past events
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