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The Perkins 6.3544 is a six-cylinder in-line diesel engine built by Perkins Diesels of Peterborough England. This version is an upgraded model from the original Perkins 6.354

Model historyEdit

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For Brand history, see Perkins.

The Perkins 6.3544 was a development of the original Perkins 6.354 which replaced the Perkins R6 engine

Production stopped in 1996 after over 1 million examples of the 6.354 family have been built.

The engine was also built under license in many countries.

It was replaced by the Perkins 1000 series engine


  • 6 Cylinder
  • capacity = 354 cu inches which = 5.8 litres
  • Diesel
  • Straight in-line
  • Cast iron block with dry liners
  • For use in tractors the block is structural when used with cast iron sump
  • cast alloy or pressed steel sump (depending on application)


List vehicle models fitted with this engine. The engine was designed for use in a largr range of applications, from marine to industrial, agricultural and vehicle. It is impossible to list all individual OEMs and models covering the over one million engines produced!

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