Perkins AD4.203 in a MF 165 -P8100535

a Typical installation in a MF 165 tractor

The Perkins 4.203 was an engine model built by the Perkins of Peterborough, England. This engine model and derivatives was fitted to Massey Ferguson tractors such as the MF 165 in large numbers.

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For company history, see Perkins.

The Perkins 4.203 was introduced in 1962 and was used in a wide range of vehicles and static roles:

Typical applications include


  • 4-cylinder indirect / direct injection diesel engine
  • 3.6 inch bore by 5 inch stroke
  • Power rated at 58 hp at 2000rpm
  • Firing order - 1 3 4 2

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MF spec sheets

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