Predecessor Davey, Paxman & Davey, Engineers (Davey, Paxman & Co.)
Founded 1865
Headquarters , England
Products engines
Parent MAN B&W Diesel (MAN AG)
Davey Paxman no. 16849 TE - AF 3373 - Little Audrey at Sandbach 10 - IMG 8460

Davey Paxman no. 16849 'Little Audrey' at Sandbach Transport Festival 2010

Paxman is a major British brand of diesel engines. Ownership has varied greatly since the company's formation in 1865, the brand is now owned by MAN AG, as part of MAN B&W Diesel. The origins of the company were in steam boiler production and they built a number of Steam engines. Later they moved into Internal combustion engines and specialised in the larger end of the market. At its peak, the Paxman works covered 23 acres (93,000 m²) and employed over 2,000 people. Engine production is still primarily based at Paxman's Colchester works.

Examples where Paxman diesels are in use include the Type 22 Frigate (Paxman Valenta) Type 23 frigate (Paxman Valenta), Type 42 Destroyer (Paxman Ventura), Invincible class aircraft carrier (Paxman Valenta) the Upholder class Submarine and the InterCity 125 High Speed Train.


Paxman boiler (Rankin Kennedy, Modern Engines, Vol VI)

An illustration of a Davey Paxman boiler from a 1912 text book

Paxman was founded as Davey, Paxman & Davey, Engineers in 1865, later Davey, Paxman & Co. which became a limited company in 1898. In 1920 the company became a member of the Agricultural & General Engineers Ltd (AGE) engineering combine, formed by several firms during the 1920 recession. In 1932 AGE collapsed and Paxman emerged as Davey Paxman & Co (Colchester) Ltd.

Davey, Paxman and Davey conducted business as general engineers and ironworkers. The company manufactured steam engines, boilers, agricultural machinery, and mill gearing. By the early 1870s the company was supplying machinery to the Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa.

In 1940 Ruston & Hornsby Ltd purchased a controlling interest in the company; this co-operation led to the formation of Ruston-Paxman Group.

In 1954 the engine controls business of Paxman was reformed as a subsidiary, Ardleigh Engineering Ltd. In 1962 Paxman acquired the engine controls division of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation and merged the two businesses under the Regulateurs Europa name. (see Wikipedia for details)

In 1966 the Ruston-Paxman Group was acquired by English Electric. The diesel engine businesses were merged into English Electric diesel engines Ltd (later English Electric Diesels Ltd). Paxman became the "Paxman Engine Division" of English Electric. In 1968 English Electric was itself acquired by The General Electric Company (GEC) (not the American GE company). In 1972 GEC renamed the engines division GEC Diesels Limited. In 1975 a reorganisation saw the creation of Paxman Diesels Limited as a subsidiary.

In 1988 GEC merged its Paxman, Ruston and Mirrlees Blackstone diesels businesses with the Alsthom division of Compagnie Générale d'Electricité's (CGE) to form GEC-Alsthom. Paxman became GEC ALSTHOM Paxman Diesels Ltd. In December 1997 GEC Alsthom had its initial public offering as Alstom. The diesel engine businesses became Alstom Engines Ltd (AEL).

In 2000 Alstom Engines Ltd was acquired by MAN B&W Diesel AG (a subsidiary of MAN AG) to become MAN B&W Diesel Ltd. In 2005 MAN sold the Regulateurs Europa controls business to Heinzmann GmbH.

In 2003 MAN B&W announced proposals to transfer manufacturing to Stockport, and this was carried out by 2003. However, the Stockport plant proved unable to manufacture the popular VP185 engine efficiently, and thus in 2005, production returned to Colchester.

Model RangeEdit

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They were popular in standby generator sets & other static plant applications.

Steam enginesEdit

Paxmans built a number of Portable engines and also few Traction engines and Industrial boilers of the Lancashire type.

Diesel enginesEdit

Industrial engines
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Locomotive engines
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Marine engines
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Steam enginesEdit

Very few Davey Paxman steam engines survive. The Traction Engine Register 2008 only lists 18 examples surviving in the UK.

Preserved machines built by Davey Paxman & Co.
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Engine No. Name Build Date Type Weight Power nhp Reg No. Owner Image Other info
Davey Paxman UP6 - Year PE  ? ton 8 nhp - owner >?, Fairford Image needed LHB

Davey Paxman no. 11692 Name ? 1900 PE  ? ton 8 nhp - owner ? Image needed LHB

Featured in
Davey Paxman no. 12520 Name ? 1905 PE weight power - owner ? Image needed LHB

Mounted on sub frame[1]
Davey Paxman no. 12729 - [1905]] PE  ? ton 6 nhp - owner >?, Sandbach Image needed LHB

Repatriated from Chile 2008
Davey Paxman no. 12982 Name ? 1906 PE weight 6 nhp - owner ? Image needed LHB

Featured in
Davey Paxman no. 13072 Victoria 1907 TE weight 7 nhp NK 967 owner ? Image needed LHB

Featured in
Davey Paxman no. 14766 Annie 1908 TE weight 10 nhp NO 3645 owner ?, Rochdale Image needed LHB

Straw burning firebox
Davey Paxman no. 15477 Name ? 1910 PE weight 7 nhp - owner ?, Andover Image needed LHB

Featured in
Davey Paxman no. 15513 Faith 1910 PE -  ? nhp - owner >?, Image needed LHB

Repatriated from Chile 2003
Davey Paxman no. 15584 Little Sheila 1910 Portable weight 6 nhp - Will Dakin, Sandbach Cheshire Davey Paxman no. 15584 - PE at Onslow park 2011 - IMG 3465 At Shrewsbury Steam Rally 2011 (Repatriated from Australia 2001)
Davey Paxman no. 16849 Little Audrey 1911 TE 10 ton 6 nhp AF 3373 Will Dakin, Sandbach Davey Paxman no. 16849 TE - AF 3373 - Little Audrey at Sandbach 10 - IMG 8460 At Sandbach Transport Festival 2010
Davey Paxman no. 18025 Name ? 1913 PE  ? ton 10 nhp - owner ?, Cambridge Image needed LHB

Featured in
Davey Paxman no. 18050 - 1913 PE - 10 nhp (T97) Preston Services to add Image needed LHB

Awaiting restoration - for sale
Davey Paxman no. 19412 Drumtochy 1916 TE 10 ton 7 nhp KE 2700 owner ? Davey Paxman no.19412 - TE - KE 2700 at Preston Services 2012 - IMG 2980 For sale (June 2012) at Preston Services Kent
Davey Paxman no. 19413 The Engineer 1916 TE  ? ton 7 nhp KE 2701 owner ?, Hinckley Image needed LHB

Featured in
Davey Paxman no. 20178 Name ? Year PE weight 3 nhp - owner ? Image needed LHB

Featured in
Davey Paxman no. 20624 - 1921 PE weight ?  ? nhp NA German Museum of Technology, Berlin Davey Paxmann steam engine Berlin 001 In Storage
Davey Paxman no. 20776 Name ? 1922 PE - 10 nhp - owner ?, Langport, Somerset Image needed LHB

Repatriated from France 2008[2]
Davey Paxman no. 21693 Name ? 1925 PE - 3 nhp - owner ? Hailsham, Image needed LHB

(Ex UP8) Repatriated from Brazil
Davey Paxman no. 35188 Name ? 1920 (?) PE - 10 nhp - owner ? Image needed LHB

Featured in
Davey Paxman no. UP6 Name ? Year type weight power - owner ?, Fairford Image needed LHB

TER 2016 say existence uncertain
Davey Paxman no. UP7 Name ? 1918 PE - 3 nhp - owner ?, Whitby Image needed LHB

Featured in
Davey Paxman no. UP9 Name ? Year PE weight  ? nhp - owner ?, Kiderminster Image needed LHB

Boiler only on Wheels
Davey Paxman no. (UP96) - Year PE weight 8 nhp (T81) Preston Services, Canterbury Kent Image needed LHB

For sale - awaiting restoration
no. Image needed LHB

Engine no. ?
Davey Paxman no. Name ? Year type weight power Reg no. ? owner ? Image needed LHB

Featured in
Machine types Key: SW = Steam Wagon, PE = Portable Engine, RR = Road Roller, SM = Showmans, TE = Traction Engine

Industrial enginesEdit

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