Pauny S.A.
Predecessor Zanello S.A.
Founded 2002
Founder(s) Raul Giai Levra
Headquarters Cordoba, Argentina
Industry agriculture machinery tractor

Pauny S.A. was founded in 2002 out of the bankrupt Zanello S.A. company in Cordoba, Argentina, and was formed/owned by the workers. Pauny builds and sells agricultural, construction and forestry products under the Pauny, Pauny Zanello and Pauny Rino brands. Pauny has exported to Russia, Uganda, Ukraine, Norway, Brazil, Romania and various others.[1]

In the agriculture market, Pauny builds Tractors, sprayers, water and fuel tanks, and on-site living trailer. For construction, Pauny offers front-loader tractors and graders. For Forestry, a forestry truck and log-skidders. Other products include bus-chassis, mini-buses[2] and buses.

Pauny is headed by Raul Giai Levra.

In 2005, Pauny began marketing the tractors as Pauny Rino instead of/in addition to Pauny Zanello.

In 2009, Pauny opened an assembly plant in the Turen Municipality, Portuguesa State, Venezuela to assemble articulated tractors and road machinery, and another in 2010 in the City of El Sombrero, Guarico State, Venezuela to assemble conventional tractors.[3]

In 2010, MAT of Romania began importing CKD Pauny 4WD tractors to assemble there, where they are sold as MAT Zimbru and [{Valtec]] Zimbru models.

In 2011, Stara of Brazil began to build a factory in Brazil in partnership with Pauny;[4][5] however, the partnership was dissolved in 2013.


Pauny ad-2004

Pauny MA 160 scraper brochure - 2013

Pauny MA 160 scraper

Zanello Pauny P-Trac 160 & 180 4WD brochure

Pauny Zanello P-Trac 160 & 180 4WD brochure

Zanello Pauny P-Trac 160 & 180 4WD brochure pg2

Zanello Pauny P-Trac 160 & 180 4WD brochure pg2

MAT Zimbru 4WD (Pauny) - 2010

MAT Zimbru 4WD


  • PaunyBus Turismo
  • PaunyBus Urbano

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