The Parrett Tractor Company was founded in 1913 by brothers Dent and Henry Parrett in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Parrett tractors design featured a distinctive sideways-mounted radiator and a cross-mounted engine. Another distinguishing feature was their large front wheels. The Parrett tractor was chosen by Massey-Harris for their second attempt at selling a tractor after the Bull failed. In 1918 Parrett and Massey-Harris signed a deal for M-H to build the Parrett at a factory in Weston, Ontario in Canada. After the failed Bull deal M-H whanted control of production.[1]

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The first successful production model was the 1915 introduced Parrett 10-20.

The 10-20 was redesigned to become the Parrett 12-25 (Model E and Model H) tractors. A more powerful model.

A Parrett 15-30 (Model K), was also offered.

In 1918 the Massey-Harris company of Canada transferred the Parrett factory to Weston, Ontario, and the Parrett 12-25 was markeded as the Massey-Harris No.1 and No. 2 both with Buda engines, but different gearboxes and drive to the rear wheels.

The design was changed for the Massey-Harris No. 3 with the radiator moved to a 'normal' layout in front of the engine which had a large bore & stroke and was rated at 28 hp.[2]


The odd example of a Parrett has been imported into the UK, and a few of the latter Massey-Harris versions also exist.

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