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Pagefield Commercial Vehicles Ltd. was founded in 1907, in Wigan, England. The company was a subsidiary of Walker Brothers who operated the Pagefield Iron Works in Wigan. The company was a early manufacturer of specialist "Dust carts". The company ceased trading just after WWII in 1947, and became Walker & County Cars

Model range

  • 1911 - 2-ton truck
  • 4-ton truck
  • 5-ton truck
  • Subsidy trucks built during WW I
  • 1920's - demountable bodies introduced for horse drawn dustcarts
  • Some bus bodied vehicles built
  • 1930's - Heavy trucks
    • Pagefield Paladin
    • Pagefield Pathfinder
    • Pagefield Pegasix - six wheeler
    • Pagefield Plantagenate - 12-ton six wheeler
    • Pagefield Pompian

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