AEC matador - Duglas timber tractor - PUT 510 at Rushden 08 - P5010262

AEC - Douglas timber tractor

PUT 510 is a restored AEC Matador owned by Garry Dann of Kibworth a collector of classic and vintage trucks. This tractor / truck was built in 1943 by AEC of London as an artillery tractor. It was converted to a timber tractor by the Douglas company after being demobed from military service in the 1950's.

Vehicle historyEdit

Built in 1943 as a Military vehicle by the Associated Equipment Company(AEC) of Southall London.

After military service it was refurbished and converted to a Timber tractor for civilian use by John Holman plant and farming contractor from Burton Overy..

Originally this was a armoured matador, if you look close the front wings are original.

Bought by current owner Garry Dann in 19 ?

Features Edit

Fitted with a Jib for timber extraction duties.

Jib was taken off Mick Watsons Matador 774 FBD and put onto PUT510 while under the ownership of David Crouch but has now gone back onto 774FBD.

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