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Oxford Steam Plough Co yard in the 1880's

The Oxford Steam Plough Company were agricultural contractors and engineers based in Oxford, England. The company was formerly the Eddison and Nodding Company, which was aquired by John Allen in 1897 who renamed it the 'Oxford Steam Plough Company', and then renamed it again to John Allen and Sons Ltd, but it was still known as the Oxford Steam Plough Company for many years more. it was latter renamed John Allen (Oxford) Ltd. The company was eventually taken over by Grove the American crane manufacturer, before being shut down in the 1980's.


Allen scarifier

The company manufactured a wide range of agricultural products

  • Steam engine boilers - reboilering engines from makes such as Fowler and Burrells
  • Steam roller scarifiers
  • Steam roller repairs
  • building excavators under license
  • mowers
  • agents for several brands.

The most famous product was the Allen Scythe

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