Orton and Spooner living van of Charles Heals at Dingles - IMG 9584

Orton and Spooner Living van built for Charles Heal in 1917 on display at the Dingles Fairground Heritage Museum

Orton and Spooner or Orton,Sons and Spooner from Burton on Trent were manufacturers of Showmen's Living Vans and fairground rides from the late 1800s till 1977. The company was originally to separate businesses with Spooner supplying wood carvings to fairground ride builders Orton's.


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The companies customers include most of the leading travelling showmen. Rides were often traded in for new attractions and updated before being resold.

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Orton and Spooner Chariot Race of R. Edwards at Dingles - IMG 9612

Super Chariot Racer ex R. Edwards and Sons on display at Dingles Fairground Heritage Museum 2011

The Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre has a O&S Super Chariot Racer formerly with Robert Edwards and Sons of Swindon.[1]

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