Orchard and Vineyard tractors, are a specialist type of tractor addapted with features to better suit the use in these areas, some of the first ones were small Crawler tractors used in the fruit growing areas of California, Florida and the Italian vineyards. These tractors often had strange body work to shroud the working parts with an all enclosing "Cape" of tin, or they were narrowed down machines to fit between the rows of vines or fruit trees. Even the Tyres need protection from citrus fruit tree thorns which can puncture tyres with ease when dry and hard.


Ferguson Orchard tractor

Ferguson Orchard / Vineyard conversion

Ferguson TE-C20 Orchard - bath - DSC01638 edited

A narrow Orchard tractor version of a Ferguson TE-C20 at Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009


Reekie-Ferguson narrow tractor at Llandudno 08 - P5050140

A Reeki 'berry' tractor

Genuine orchard machines were very rare in the UK with just a few odd models used in the Kent Hop & fruit fields and the Hereford apple orchards and Hop areas. A few full orchard tractors with the canopys have been imported by collectors looking for different items to complete collections, with the compact Caterpillar machines appearing at the odd show. A few continental vineyard tractors can also be seen at the odd show.

The most common orchard/narrow tractor in UK preservation is the Ferguson conversion done by Reekie and the later Massey Ferguson built versions.

  • Narrow Massey Ferguson 135
  • Narrow 4-wd Massey Ferguson 132


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