Oliver XO-121
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The XO-121 in the Floyd County Museum in Charles City, Iowa. (Copyright JessW72, Flickriver.)
Model history
Model introduced 1957
Model discontinued 1957
Model status Discontinued
Engine Specification
Power hp 51
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive 2WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Other info
Factories Charles City, Iowa, USA
Plow rating Unknown
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The Oliver XO-121 was a tractor developed by the Oliver Farm Equipment corporation in 1957 as an experimental model, and thus was never mass-produced. According to Oliver, the tractor's motor was the very first of its kind to feature a 12-1 compression ratio, nearly double that of their earlier and competing models. The tractor's motor used a then-special high-octane fuel developed by the Ethyl Corporation, specially blended for use in the XO-121's motor.

Oliver produced a short film titled "Getting Ahead of Tomorrow" which highlighted all of the technical aspects of the XO-121, and compares them to those of the Oliver 70 and Oliver 77.

Model History Edit

For brand history, see Oliver.

The Oliver XO-121 was produced as an experimental model only, and thus was never mass-produced. The Oliver XO-121 currently resides in the Floyd County Museum in Charles City, Iowa, USA.

Specifications Edit

Not much data is known about the Oliver XO-121's operating specifications, though some figures are provided in "Getting Ahead of Tomorrow". These figures may not be accurate, as no official Nebraska Tractor Test was ever conducted. The following figures are those presented in "Getting Ahead of Tomorrow".

Oliver XO-121 Technical Specifications
Compression Ratio 12 to 1
Engine Displacement 199 Cubic Feet
Bore and Stroke 3.75 x 4.50
Number of Cylinders 4
Rated RPM 1600
100% Maximum Brake HP (Corrected) 60.9
Operating Maximum Brake HP 54.0
HP Hours per Gallon (Operating Maximum on Engine Dynamometer) 16.07
100% Maximum Belt HP (Corrected) 56.90
Operating Maximum Belt HP 51.10
HP Hours Per Gallon (Operating Maximum on Belt Dynamometer) 15.50
100% Maximum Drawbar HP (Corrected) 48.50
Operating Maximum Drawbar HP 43.60
HP Hours Per Gallon (Operating Maximum on Drawbar Dynamometer) 13.24

Photos and Videos:Edit

IMG 0578

The Oliver XO-121, pulling a 4-bottom plough.

IMG 0558

The XO-121's dossier. XO apparently stood for "Experimental Oliver", while 121 represented its compression ratio of 12 to 1.

IMG 0561

The XO-121's experimental motor.

IMG 0554

The XO-121's figures.

IMG 0583

The XO-121's figures astounded the engineers at Oliver.

IMG 0564

The Tractor, after assembly.

IMG 0573

The Oliver XO-121 pulling Oliver's traction Dynamometer. the Dynamometer appears to be a custom-built unit that utilizes bodywork from an Oliver 66.


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