Mfc plate on an Olds Type 'A' Gas engine in the UK

The Olds Gas Power Co. of lancing, Michigan, USA was original founded in 1880 as P. F. Olds & Son by Pling Olds and his son, Wallace. They started out manufacturing steam engines. In 1883 Ransom E. Olds, another son joined the firm and went on to produce Oldsmobile cars and Reo trucks. The company incorporated in 1890 as the Olds Gas Engine Works and was merged with the Olds Motor Vehicle Co. in 1899 to form the Olds Motor Works. The firm became the Olds Gas Power Co. in 1906 and was reorganized as the Seager Engine Works in 1910. This company survived until 1912.

Company history[edit | edit source]

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Product range[edit | edit source]

A restored Olds type A Gas engine

  • steam engines
  • Gas engines
    • Olds Self Contained Gasoline Engines
      • Olds type A
    • the Olds Safety Vapor Engine
    • Rumely Olds engines
    • Reliance engines
    • Seager engines

Surviving examples[edit | edit source]

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