Old Tractor Magazine
Publication type Magazine
Subject area Old Tractor Preservation & History
Published by Kelsey publishing
Editor Peter Love 2010 > to date
Stuart Gibbard Till March 2010
Edition n/a
No of issues (To date) 102 - March 2012
No. years published 9 (2012)
Date first published June 2003
No of pages (average) 60+
Format / size A4
ISBN no. (Book)
ISSN no. (Magazine)
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Old Tractor Magazine, is a monthly publication, that features older historic tractors and implements. The magazine is covers tractor history pre 1960's with the odd classic model featured. Published by Kelsey Publishing Group. This has been published for 9 years since a trial issue in June 2003 given away with sister magazine Tractor & Machinery Magazine (T&M)

In March 2010 the acting editor Stuart Gibbard left to become editor of the relaunched Vintage Tractor Magazine. Well known reporter and former editor of several other titles Peter Love took over the editors chair.

Regular FeaturesEdit

  • Reports on particular models and ther history
  • New relating to tractors and Collectors.
  • Features on obscure manufacturers
  • Archive photos and reports
  • Whats On & reviews on past events
  • Visits to collection and farms
  • Classified advert
  • Auction announcements and reports
  • Features on collectors
  • Features on past developments & technological advances
  • Implements & attachment features.

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