Old Glory Magazine
Publication type Magazine
Subject area Steam & Vintage Preservation, Industrial Heritage
Published by Mortons Media Group
Editor Colin Tyson
Edition 1st
No. years published 24 years
Date first published 1988
No of pages (average) 116 average
Format / size A4
ISBN no. (Book)
ISSN no. (Magazine) ISSN 0956-5992
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Old Glory Magazine is published monthly, by Mortons Media Group of Horncastle Lincolnshire. When Britain was workshop to the World. The magazine features news, archive and feature articles on a wide range of subjects related to older machinery; Steam traction engines, Fairground rides, Boats, Steam Lorries, Old buses, Trams, Stationary engines in factories and Pumping stations, Open days and Museums, & General Industrial Heritage Preservation. A Large For Sale section and Classified adverts relating to heritage items and advertising of services and supplies for people restoring Old machinery etc.

Extensive what's on guide to events each month, with a separate 'show guide for the year' book 'free' in the March and April issues (split in to 2 sections)

262 issues As of December 2011

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a couple of others have started but only one currently survives in the UK in the road steam sector. (Several competing railway steam magazines exist)

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