Land Rover SI - OTJ 130 at Kettering 08 - IMG 1876

OTJ 130 looking smart at Kettering Steam Rally 2008

OTJ 130 is a restored Land Rover Series 1 with the capstan Winch to front. The vehicle is owned by ? of ?

Vehicle historyEdit

For Company history, see Land Rover.
  • Built in 1951
  • First registered in 1952

Fitted with a few optional extras; Heater, Passenger wiper, Door tops and a Canvas Tilt canopy, Indicators (semaphore type), rear seats, extra Gauge !

  • Bonnet mounted spare wheel
  • Free wheel hubs
  • Retrofitted with the later 2.0 litre petrol engine (original spec was 1.6 litre on early SI models.


This vehicle has attended include;


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Land Rover SI - OTJ 130 at Kettering 08 - IMG 1877 Front view with Winch
Semaphore indicator - IMG 1878 The extra 'Semaphore' indicators fitted
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  • Photos from Kettering rally

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