Normag (Schmdt, Kranz & Co.)
Headquarters Nordhausen, Germany
Products agriculture machinery tractor

Normag was a German brand of tractor built from 1938 to the 1960s. The Brand was built by Schmdt, Kranz & Co. (SK) of Nordhausen, Germany. Schmidt, Kranz und Co was founded the "North houses Machine factory" in 1895 in Nordhausen - NORMAG or Normag as an abbreviation for North houses Maschinenbau AG or North houses Maschinenbau GmbH (historical legal forms being unclear).

SK being a engineering company that made machinery for the Potash industry. The company added tractors to their portfolio in the late 1930s as demand grew as farms mechanised. In 1934 (or in 1936?) the company begun the building of agricultural tractors ("crude oil agricultural tractor") with the NG 22 in (1936 or 1938) ? as the first Normag-diesel tractor. Most production stopped during WW II apart from the NG10 from 1941 and a wood-gas model the Normag NG 25 was made from 1942 and after the war the factory was in the Soviet occupied zone of East Germany. The factory then built excavators until reunification.

The tractor production was switch to the west in Zorge were a small factory was set up to produce spares as the sales of the vehicles before the war occurred primarily in the western part of Germany. The name of 'Normag-Zorge was adopted to diferentiate from th old factory. Production later relocating to Hattingen in the Ruhr valley. Post war models followed the pre war designs with small single cylinder models. In 1946 production began again with the 24 HP Normag NG 23 which resembled in many parts the prewar model Normag NG 22.

The company was taken over by Mannesmann which latter acquired Porsche Tractors and MAN Tractors.

Model rangeEdit

NG series

Built ~ 1936/38?

Faktor series

Built from 1950/52?

C series

built from 1952

K series – Kornett

Built from 1953/54?

N series

built from 1956?

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