Built and developed by Nordverk AB Uddevalla in Sweden the Nordverk is a 6 wheeled off-highway dump truck or logging truck with 6WD but can be an ADT of all Swedish design with Volvo engine and 4 Speed torque converter transmission now also available with Scania power plants and gearboxes. With load capacity up to 22 tonnes the vehicle articulates and is steered by actuating hydraulic rams that act upon the forward section carrying the one-man cab and power unit. Most popular is the Nordverk TT140B and can be found as a go anywhere ADT it is also employed on other carrying and loading duties on unmade ground. Only three models are made all of them with permanent 6WD axles and drive the TT140B ADT the TT150B logging lorry and the much longer TT160B container truck. All models now carry Scania or Volvo mechanicals. The present day Nordverk AB factory was the former VDE AB Volvo Engineering Department before the new all modern and larger Volvo factory in Göteborg was opened in the mid 1990s mainly for the Volvo Truck AB lorry manufacturing division.

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