Nooteboom Triaxle Low loader at SED 09 - IMG 8182

A triaxle Low loader on Nooteboom's stand at SED 2009

Royal Nooteboom Trailers B.V. are a specialist trailer manufacturer based in the Netherlands. They build trailers from 2 axles up to fully modular units for Ultra loads. In the 1980s they invented a new type of trailer for hauling crane ballast weights thes trailer generally have 5 or 6 axles with upto 4 steering. They build Low loaders, semi low loaders extendible trailers and custom trailers for Boats Excavators and Wind turbine transport. They also build inter dollies, pub trailers and Modular necks interchangeable deck beams.

Nooteboom Trailer neck on extending deck low loader SED 09 - IMG 8183

The extendible bed and neck assembly

Nooteboom triaxle low loader deep bed trough SED 09 - IMG 8186

Extra deep trough in rear deck of triaxle low loader for excavator booms to reduce head room with long reach machines

SE Davies tri-axle Nooteboom low loader - P6150196

SE Davies & Son's triaxle lowloader

Model rangeEdit

  • Euro range
  • MCO range
  • OSD range
  • OVB range - extendible
  • Inter Combi - modular range
  • AD drawbar trailers
  • ASD drawbar trailers
  • NDL range

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