Nicolas Tractomas TR1010 D100

Nicolas Tractomas TR1010 D100

Nicolas Tractomas is a brand of built-to-order heavy haulage tractor that is manufactured by Nicolas Industrie SAS of France. The company also built trailers, SPMT, and other heavy haulage equipment. Currently the Nicolas Tractomas TR1010 D100 holds the world record as the world's largest road going truck, weighing in at 71 tonnes.

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  • Sunters (UK) operated RDC 318X in the early 1980s on moving Oil and petrochemical fabrications in the North east of England.[1]
  • Brackmills (UK)
  • Econofreight (UK)
  • Rotran (South Africa) operated 20+ units including several Nicolas Tractomas TR 1010 D100 10x10 which are the largest in the world
  • Brame P.
  • Gujarat PowerGen Energy Co-Operation (China)
  • Ayala
  • Buzzichelli (Italy)
  • Transports Millon (France)
  • Transapelt S.A. (Argentina)
  • Lemarechal

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