Nicolas modular trailer - ALE fleet - IMG 7923

A Nicolas axle unit - part of a modular trailer used by the ALE fleet with girder trailers for transformer transport

Nicolas Industries SAS is a specialist trailer manufacturer founded in 1855in ? France. The company is now part of the German Tii Group since 1994 along with Scheuerle


(from Nicolas web site)

  • 1855 - Founding of the company Nicolas constructs agricultural trailers
  • 1969 - New headquarters established in Champs-sur-Yonne, France
  • 1969 - Start of development of modular vehicles for heavy handling applications
  • 1974 - NICOLAS is awarded an Export Oscar
  • 1989 - Development of the HYSPEC self-propelled modular transport system with electronic steering
  • 1994 - NICOLAS develops 3 special vehicles for the European Space Agency’s ARIANE V rocket program
  • 1994 - Tii Group of industrialist Otto Rettenmaier from Heilbronn, Germany acquires NICOLAS
  • 2000 - Production of trailers, semi-trailers and self-propelled vehicles for transport of Airbus A380 aeroplane sections
  • 2002 - Development of Nicolas MHD and Nicolas MDED modular vehicle families (Self Propelled Modular Transporters
  • 2004 - Development of new DOLLYNECK semi-trailers for transportation of Public Works equipment
  • 2005 - World record! NICOLAS produces the biggest road tractor in the world: the Nicolas Tractomas 10X10 [[heavy haulage tractor.
  • 2008 - Development of the heavy modular MHD-E vehicle with electronic steering




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