Newman GRP 19 No4 - lamma-IMG 4512

Newman GRP 19 s/n No.4 at LAMMA 2009

Newman Makers plate IMG 4514

The manufacturers plate

Newman was a brand of compact tractor built in 1948 after the second world war in Grantham Lincolnshire by Newman Industries Ltd. They were built like several other brands as a cheap tractor for small holding to increase food production and to diversify engineering capacity with the end of war related works.

The tractor was a simple design with a C channel chassis ans a single cylinder engine. The machine was sophisticated in that it had adjustable wheel track for row crop work and a good ground clearance compared to early Ferguson and Fordson models. The tractors were only built for a few years.


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A few examples exist but as they were not built in large numbers only the odd one appears at UK tractor rallies and working days, often in the Horticultural section.

Preserved Newman tractors
Reg no. Model no. Serial number Year Owner Image Notes / were seen
GRP 19 Newman WD2 s/n no. 0004 1948 Ian Burgin Newman GRP 19 No4 - lamma-IMG 4512 At LAMMA Show 2009
Third tractor built on production line
JNX 835 Newman AN3 s/n unknown 1949 Robin Warner Newman AN3 of 1949 reg JNX 835 at Stoke Goldington 09 - IMG 9792 At Stoke Goldington Steam Rally
Fitted with a Coventry Victor 2-cylinder engine
Reg no. ? Newman AN4/2 s/n VP 1141 1948 ? Jim Von ?, Manchester Newman AN4-3 sn 1141 - at Belvoir 09 - IMG 9357 At Belvoir Castle Steam Festival 2009
reg model s/n year owner Image needed LHB misc info

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Tractor on display at LAMMA Show 2009

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