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A single cylinder New Pelapone Engine Co type KB at Claymills Pumping Station museum

The New Pelapone Engine Company Ltd. was based in Wakefield, England, and built small single cylinder engines. The Company was founded in 1910.[1] Later it moved to Derby.

Company history

No details other than a example by this manufacturer seen at Claymills Pumping Station, in Staffordshire. (Shown on right) and an example in Australia have been tracked down yet. Some articles have appeared in the Stationary Engine Magazine.[2]

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Origin of the company name

According to direct descendants of the company owner, Pelapone stood for - "Prudence's Engines Lighting And Power Oil & Nautical Engines"

Other sources say 'Pelapone' was from Prudence Light and Power - Our New Engine[3]

August 2014: The daughter of Ernest Prudence, founder of Pelapone would like to clarify the acronym. It is in fact 'Prudence's Engines Lighting And Power Oil & Nautical Engjnes' (This entry posted by Ernest Prudence's grandson)


The prominent engine designer Harry Ricardo was involved in the detailed design of some engine models and these were marketed as Pelapone-Ricardo were they incorporated patented design ideas from Ricardo.(as did several other engine manufacturers of the time).

Model range

  • Pelapone type KB - single cylinder engine (magneto ignition)
  • Pelapone type DD2 - 2 cylinder diesel
  • Pelapone type 53 - 3 Cylinder diesel of 30/42 hp at 1000 to 1500rpm, bore and stroke 4.437" X 6", 1652 lbs weight for dry engine.
  • Pelapone type 54 - 4 cylinder diesel of 40/57 hp at 1000 to 1500 rpm, same bore and stroke, 1904 lbs weight for dry engine.
  • Pelapone type ? - 8 cylinder petrol of ? hp.


details of known examples include these;

  • Pelapone type KB sn 3453 - single cylinder engine (magneto ignition) of ? seen at Claymills Pumping Station museum.
  • Pelapone type DD2 sn 226860 - 2 cylinder diesel of 1943 - photos here
  • Pelapone-Ricardo - ? at The Waterworks Museum - Hereford[4]
  • Working example of a multi-cylinder petrol engine from a generating set at the Welsh Museum of Power - (not run very often as drinks petrol)
  • Pelapone Engine No. 7118. a 2 stoke single cylinder direct coupled to a DC dynomo, with no flywheel.
  • The dynomo is the fly wheel. owned by Edward & Anne, Newton le Willows, Warrington.

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