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A new build Foster steam tractor Johnboy

New Build is the term generally used to describe the building of a machine that is a replica of an existing item such as a steam engine, as opposed to the alternative of restoring a derelict one.

It is debatable in some cases as to what is original as often machines have parts replace during their working life. so with a steam engine little of the original may be left.

As the cost of repairing old engines increases as few 'complete' engines exist it has become economically viable to build a new machine from parts based on the old designs and using castings from patterns originally created (in a lot of cases) to replace broken or worn out parts on old machines.

In recent years a number of the small Steam Tractors have been built. They an also incorporate a few improvements from the original and should have a relatively long life till major repairs are needed due to only light usage on the rally field and road runs, unlike the old engines which worked hard every day. The Foster Wellington pattern is a popular design due to its compact size. Some would say that they are just 1:1 scale models any way. A Steam tractor is smaller than a 6" scale Showmans Road Locomotive model of some designs.

Manufacturers / builders

  • Belmec International
  • Dawson Brothers
  • David Ragsdale - supplier of patterns and castings to several builders

List of New build engines

  • Johnboy - Foster no.14739 - Wellington pattern

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