Neals loader

A NEALS Pelican Loader Diesel

Neals Pelican Loader

An early NEALS Pelican Loader Diesel

Pelican loader

A Fordson based NEALS Pelican Loader Diesel

The Neal Pelican was an early form of grab loader that was created by the R.H. Neal & Co company in 19 ? The machine was used for loading Coal and other loose bulk products. The firm of Coles Cranes latter took over Neals.

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The machine was created in the 19 ? based on a Fordson Major tractor with the drive reversed. The Pelican loader had a long boom pivoted above the cab on an 'A' frame, with a large grab bucket mounted on the end. This was designed to reach into rail wagons and 'grab' the contents. They were very popular with Coal merchants and were one of the first real 'materials handlers' designed to reduce manual labour for unloading none tipping rail wagons that were in use at that time supplying the many local coal merchants.


  • Power - Fordson Skid unit
  • Reach - ?
  • Capacity - 2 Cu yd Grab


Lots of these machines could be seen in local coal merchants till more modern early JCB diggers or Bray and Chaseside shovels took over. As coal yards have been cleared most would seam to have been cut up for scrap.

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  • Chaseside also built early loaders based on Fordson unit.

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