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A few of the Commercial Vehicles lined up at the 2009 meet

The classic cars line up in 2009

A group of classic motorcycles at the NCMM in 2009

Part of the Military vehicle line up in 2009

The Historic Commercial Vehicle Society Yorkshire Branch organised a classic vehicle meet in October at the National Coal Mining Museum for England, nr. Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.


A classic vehicle groups participate with a number of types of vehicles present.

Past events

No list/program is produced for the participants as it is a open just turn up day for enthusiasts, so this is just a selection that were viewed by the editor.

If you vehicle was there and is not listed please add it with a photos from the relevant event.
If you visited and have photos of any vehicles listed or others that were present please add them to the list and/or vehicles own page.

2008 participants

2009 participants


Reg no. Manufacturer Model Owner Photo Notes
CHG 540 Leyland Leyland ? ? CHG 540 Leyland Bus at NCMM 09 - IMG 5258.jpg
MUA 45P+ Bristol Bristol LHS Aire Valley Transport Group Bristol LHS bus - MUA 45P at NCMM 09 - IMG 5259.jpg Unusual Short body design


Reg no. Manufacturer Model type Owner Photo Notes
648 DXL Leyland Octopus 8x4 rigid flatbed owner ? Leyland Octopus - 648 DXL at NCMM 09 - IMG 5390.jpg
552 LNU+ Foden Foden S20 Ballast tractor owner ? Foden S20 - 552 LNU at NCMM 09 -IMG 5405.jpg In livery of 'Elliott of York'
778 MNU+ AEC Mammoth Major 6x4 rigid flatbed owner ? AEC Mammoth Major - 778 MNU at NCMM 09 - IMG 5382.jpg
ASL 473 AEC AEC Mandator 4x2 Tractor unit owner ? AEC Mandator - ASL 473 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5442.jpg
BHL 747 Bedford Bedford O Flatbed truck owner ? Bedford O flatbed - BHL 747 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5532.jpg
DST 646+ Ford Ford ? Light dropside truck owner ? Ford ? truck DST 646 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5465.jpg
GFU 741 Leyland Leyland Beaver flatbed owner ? Leyland ? GFU 741 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5392.jpg
HBT 916+ Austin Austin K2 Flat bed Rob Rooke Austin K2 flatbed - HBT 916 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5428.jpg
NUC 153 Albion Albion Chieftain rigid flatbed owner ? Albion Cheiftain - NUC 153 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5413.jpg In livery of 'Gunnado Joinery'
OO 1143+ Ford Thames Trader Dropside, with over cab platform for Hay & Straw owner ? Ford Thames Trader - OO 1143 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5487.jpg
PGW 134+ Bedford Green Goddess Fire engine owner ? Bedford Greeen Goddess - PGW 134 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5415.jpg
UHN 795 Guy Guy Otter rigid dropside owner ? Guy Otter lorry - UHN 795 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5445.jpg
USJ 645+ Leyland Leyland Super Comet Beaver tail machinery transport body A.S. Heathcote, Huddersfield Leyland Super Comet - USJ 645 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5488.jpg LAD Cabbed
WE 3735 Albion Albion ? Flatbed owner ? Albion truck - WE 3735 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5489.jpg
XVP 962+ Scammell Scammell Scarab Tractor unit owner ? Scammell Scaeab - XVP 962 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5422.jpg
YDO 46+ AEC Mercury 4x2 Tractor unit ? AEC Mercury - YDO 46 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5376.jpg
CBT 607K+ Atkinson Atkinson Borderer Tractor unit owner ? Atkinson Borderer artic - CBT 607K at NCMM 09 - IMG 5522.jpg
ENM 454T+ ERF ERF B series Tractor unit and flat trailer owner ? ERF B series Trailer - ENM 454T at NCMM 09 - IMG 5539.jpg In livery of 'Longs of Leeds'
FHH 641V+ Fiat (Iveco) Fiat 79F10 Beaver tail owner ? Fiat 79F10 (Iveco) truck - FHH 641V at NCMM 09 - IMG 5426.jpg In livery of David Brown tractors
HVN 249V+ Leyland Leyland Clydesdale Flatbed owner ? Leyland Clydesdale - HVN 249V at NCMM 09 - IMG 5517.jpg
JTF 67K+ Leyland Leyland Boxer 4x2 Dropsided tipper owner ? Leyland Boxer tipper - JTF 67K at NCMM 09 - IMG 5433.jpg
KKU 655P+ Atkinson Atkinson Border Tractor unit owner ? Atkinson Border - KKU 655P at NCMM 09 - IMG 5446.jpg Ex NCB Mines Rescue, Doncaster
KRT 723K+ Scammell Scammell Trunker 6x2 Tractor Unit owner ? Scammell Trunker - KRT 723K - NCMM 09 - IMG 5398.jpg ex 'Ferrymasters'
RWW 598W Scania Scania 111 Tractor unit owner ? Scania 111 Tractor unit - RWW 598W at NCMM 09 - IMG 5430.jpg
SHU 826G+ Ford Ford D series Recovery owner ? Ford D series recovery - SHU 826G at NCMM 09 - IMG 5486.jpg Tractor unit converted to recovery with basic crane
XTF 235N+ Atkinson Atkinson Border Tractor unit owner ? Atkinson Border - XTF 235N at NCMM 09 - IMG 5438.jpg In the livery of Taylors Transport of Oldham.
YBT 247R+ Foden Foden ? Tractor unit owner ? Foden - YBT 247R at NCMM 09 - IMG 5447.jpg In the livery of Ward metal products
YNU 688L+ Atkinson Atkinson Venturer Recovery wagon owner ? Atkinson Venturer recovery - YNU 688L at NCMM 09 - IMG 5403.jpg
YWT 544G+ Foden model 8x4 rigid flatbed owner ? Foden 8x4 flatbed - YWT 544G at NCMM 09 - IMG 5431.jpg
B146 MTJ+ Volvo Truck Volvo F10 recovery truck owner ? Volvo F10 Wrecker - B146 MTJ at NCMM 09 - IMG 5519.jpg
B311 JNN+ Leyland Freighter 4x2 rigid machinery transporter Tony Bristow Leyland Freighter B311 JNN at NCMM 09 - IMG 5380.jpg Fitted with Atlas Crane and Beavertail body
B369 OFP+ ERF ERF C series Tractor unit owner ? ERF C series Artic - B369 OFP at NCMM 09 - IMG 5541.jpg Fitted with Engine and Generator in place of 5th wheel
D134 YJU Leyland Leyland Roadtrain Tractor unit owner ? Leyland Roadtrain - D134 YJU at NCMM 09 - IMG 5439.jpg
E788 HHD+ DAF DAF 2800 4x2 Tractor unit owner ? DAF 2800 - E788 HHD at NCMM 09 - IMG 5400.jpg liver of V.Pearce Haulage contractors
F445 XFL+ Foden Foden 4300 Tractor unit owner ? Foden 4300 - F445 XFL at NCMM 09 - IMG 5396.jpg
Reg no. ? Make model type owner ? 150px


Reg No. Manufacturer Make & Sn Name Type Owner Photo Notes
BP 5767 Fowler Fowler no. 9924 James Penfold Traction engine ? Fowler no.9924 TE James Penfold - BP5767 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5496.jpg A locally built and now owned engine

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