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List of links to museums with collections that include Tractors & Construction plant, Steam Engines, Steam Lorries, Fair ground rides etc., And Agricultural & Rural life related material.

Preserved large steam powered beam engine relocated to the Coalbrookdale Industrial Museum site

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European Museums


  • Andelslandsbyen Nyvang - Experience life on a co-operative farm from the 1870-1950 period in a live museum with people working, activities and exhibition. See the production of butter in the dairy from 1892. Follow every day life and get a cup of coffee at the small farmhouse from 1927. Go shopping in the co-operative store from 1940.
  • Hjerl Hede, Vinderup, The museum shows the development of the Danish village from the year 1500 up to about 1900 with among other things a forge, an inn, mills, a school, a vicarage, a dairy, a grocer's shop and farms.and you can see how country people lived and worked in olden days. The old Danish breeds of livestock graze in the fields in the village.
  • Industrimuseet, Horsens
  • The Danish Tram Museum - Sporvejsmuseet


  • The National Transport Museum of Ireland[1] - collection of historical vehicles used in Ireland from the 1890s


  • Pallot Steam and Motor Museum, Jersey - 1 Aveling and 2 Marshall, rollers


  • Konnerud Hill Mines - Former mine site now an mining and industrial museum. [] At the museum, it now has 26 locomotives and 110 mine cars of various types and sizes, locomotives from 1927 to 1989 models.



  • The Rubens Historical Machinery Collection (Rubens maskinhistoriska samlingar) is an extensive private collection of interesting veteran and vintage machinery. The collection contains mostly power producing machinery such as steam engines or internal combustion engines of various kinds. Also associated working equipment, vehicles, vintage tractors, tools and various kinds of road maintenance machinery. The collection mostly covers the period of 1860-1950.
  • Volvo Museum - Contains an extensive collection of machinery built by the Volvo company and its predecessors. Mainly construction machinery, tractors and cars

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