Muir-Hill 111
Muir-Hill 111 sn 32051 at Somerset 2013 - IMG 6856
Industrial MH 111 At Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show 2013
Serial no 111?32051
Model history
Model introduced 1973
Model discontinued Unknown
Model status Unknown Discontinued
Preceded by Muir-Hill 110
Engine Specification
Engine make Perkins
Engine model A6.354
Fuel type Diesel
Power hp 110
Power kW 82
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive 4WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Other info
Factories England
Plow rating Unknown
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The Muir-Hill 111 tractor was built in England by Muir-Hill. It features a 110 hp (82 kW) Perkins engine.

Model historyEdit

For brand history, see Muir-Hill.

Surviving tractorsEdit

  • Royal Oak - (Muir-Hill 111 sn 32051) Shown above was one of a fleet of five owned by Rover Group and used for towing press tooling around the factory in Swindon. All of the tractors were named after battleships.
Note this tractor does not have the original 6 cylinder Perkins engine, it instead was retro fitted with a 4 cylinder turbo charged unit.
  • add other surviving examples here.

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