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Motor Panels Ltd was a Coventry based engineering company that supplied the automotive industry with pressed components and car bodies and cab assemblies for vehicles. The companies managing director James Milner Phillips was involved with the land speed record attempt by Donald Campbell]].


Motor Panels Ltd, was a Coventry based engineering firm who specialised in the production of pressings and assemblies for the motor trade for clients such as Alvis, Armstrong Siddeley, Austin Motor Company and Daimler.[1]

The company being owned by Jaguar Cars in the 1930's. Later when cash was short after World War II, Jaguar sold the plant and premises of Motor Panels, to Rubery Owen a midlands engineering company.[2]

The company supplied lorry cabs to Scammell and other manufacturers in the 1960s and 70s.

Land speed record car

The original CN7 car used for Campbell's unsuccessful 1960 record attempt at Bonneville Salt Flats was built by Motor Panels[3] but was written-off in a high-speed crash during a record attempt run. Motor Panels set about building a replacement and by the end of 1962 it was finished. At the time it was the costliest single automobile in the history of motor sport at US$6m,[4] equivalent to US$44 million today.

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