Martin Truck model H sn 771700 at Pickering 09 - IMG 3168

A typical motor cart built by Martin Markham

Motor Cart is the term used in the UK to describe a small industrial tractor or tug, generally built to carry a small load or pull small trailers around factories. These generally consisted of a small single cylinder engine ad a basic seat or just a standing platform a small load bed or drop sided body.


Used to move parts from the variouse machine shops in the interwar and post war factories, when companies manufacture most parts in house. Other usese were in market gardens for moving produve in the tight rows and green houses. Befor the advent of demountable containers when rail fright was still done in goods vans large numbers were used ny the railway companies to move parcels and produce around station platforms and oods sheds.

These were generally superceded by the Forklift and or automated guided vehicles. In other cases modern factories werelaid out to reduce the need to move products from one production area to another by the use of contiouse flow line production & conveyors linking areas.


Some of the applications of Motor carts has been replaced by the use of ATVs such as by Bobcat, JCB, John Deere, Kubota etc. But modern electric vehicles such as made by Bradshaw are still used by companies such as JCB for Facilities management roles such as rubish collection and moving maintenance personel with equiment around large complexes such as airports and refineries.

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Generally a single cylinder engine or in some applications electric.


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