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Chris Bennett low loader with Demo rig load

Chris Bennett low loader with Lieb-Herr Demo rig load 1:50 scale

Steam engine model

Working Metal steam engine Model

Model steam lorry

Model Steam lorry

Scale Model Tractors and Models of Construction plant and Trucks are Highly Collectable. There is a huge range available, from Basic ranges designed more for children up to very sophisticated solid brass machines designed for Museum's and Display purposes. The Manufactures of machines often commission model to give to clients and dealers, and now realises them for sale to the public through the dealer network. To add to the desirability a lot are in limited editions. Companies like British coal have commissioned massive 1 off models of the large dragline excavators they owned for display in the site office or at their HQ. There is a growing number of companies making kits, or adapting existing models to create the more obscure versions of manufactures machines.

There are several UK based manufacture who are making very limited edition / one of models by hand

Scales Used Edit

The Models come in a variety of scales the most common being:

  • 1:87 - Trucks, some plant and buses (matches rail O gauge)
  • 1:64 - Tractors, farm machinery and trucks
  • 1:50 - Main scale used for Construction models
  • 1:43 - Tractors, farm machinery and trucks
  • 1:32 - Tractors and farm machinery
  • 1:25
  • 1:16 - Tractors & farm machinery
  • 1:4 - Live steam models
  • 1:3 - Live steam models
  • 1:2 - Live steam models

Live Steam ModelsEdit

Main article: Engineering Models
Live Steam model Burrell

Working Scale Model of Burrell engine, at Cromford Steam Fair 2008

Either scratch built in own workshops or Kits of pre machined parts, or kit of castings to machine. Usually built over several years. When completed some models are road registered & taxed. Boilers have to be tested and certified safe to use.

Model Tractors Edit

A vast array of models of tractors are available, from several manufacturers. These can vary from the Britains Farm models aimed at the younger collector to the limited edition models from DBP Model Tractors who specialise in models of Ford and Ford conversions.

Some collectors create themed displays

Fordson themed Model display - bath - DSC01606

A Fordson themed model collection on display at the Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009

Scratch built models of agricultural machinery Edit

There is a group of modelers who build models of agricultural machinery and sets from mainly recycled scrap such as oil cans and wood. These modelers are not looking to create the precision engineered models like some modelers but a representation of an item using just basic hand tools.

Agricultural machinery models

Diorama of Agricultural Machinery

Wooden Steam Engine at Belvoir - DSCF0262

A accurate 2" scale model in wood of a steam engine that turns over and even smokes! on display at the Belvoir Castle Steam Rally in 2007

Scratch built model Muir-Hill and IH crawler at belvoir 09 - IMG 8688

Scratch built Muir-Hill and a IH crawler tractor with implements

Ransomes thresher instructional model - at Woolpit 09 - IMG 1403

A Instructional model of a Ransomes threshing machine built with open side to view the workings

Model Construction Plant Edit

Main article: Collectable Models
Construction Machinery Models
Face shovel model at Lincoln 08 - DSC00033 Hitachi Dump truck model at Lincoln 08 - DSC00034
Pneumatic operated working face shovel model A Large working model of a Hitachi Dump truck

Models of Steam engines and machineryEdit

These are usually precision built out of solid metal and machined or from pre-machined kits of parts. Often they are full functioning scale versions correct in every detail.

Main article: Engineering Models
Scale Steam Models
Foden Wagon model - Evenson at Lincoln 08 - DSC00035 Model steam Beam engine
Working scale Foden steam wagon Scale brass model of a Steam Beam engine

Model Trucks & Heavy Haulage Edit

Model Manufactures Listing Edit

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Model Retailers and Dealers Listing Edit

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