Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Bus
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Fuso
Also called Hyundai Aero
Production 1982-present
Assembly Japan
South Korea (Hyundai)
Class Rear wheel drive vehicles
Body style(s) Bus
Engine(s) 8DC8, 8DC9, 8DC10, 8DC11, 8M20, 6M70
Transmission(s) 6-speed manual
INOMAT 6-speed automatic
Wheelbase 6.5 meter (MS7), 6.15 meter(MS8), 6.0 meter(PJ-MS86 and MS9)
Fuel capacity 400 liter

The Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Bus (kana:三菱ふそう・エアロバス) is a series of heavy-duty tourist coach by Mitsubishi Fuso.

In Japan, Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, South America, its principal competitors are Isuzu Gala, Nissan Diesel Space Arrow, Hino S'elega.

Fuso tourist buses (predecessors of Aero Bus)Edit

Aero Bus/Aero Queen Edit

Aero Bus/Super Aero (MS) Edit

  • P-MS713/715/725 (1982)
  • U-MS716/726/729 (1984)

Aero Queen W (MU) Edit

Chassies based Aero King, 8DC9T engine equipped ("T"=turbocharged, maximum output: 380PS).

  • P-MU525TA (1985)
  • U-MU525TA (1990)

Aero Queen M/MV (MS) Edit

8DC11 Engine equipped.

  • P-MS729S (1988)
  • U-MS729S (1990)

New Aero Bus/New Aero Queen Edit

  • U-MS821/826 (1992)
    • 8M20 Engine equipped, and wheelbase reduced to 6.15 meter.
    • Jake brake equipped (named "Powertard", except low-end model)
  • KC-MS822/829 (1995)
    • 8M21 Engine equipped.
    • Front bumper design changed (Aero Bus and Queen-I).
  • KL-MS86 (2000)
    • All model equipped wedge air-brake and driver's airbag.
    • HID headlight equipped.
  • PJ-MS86 (2005)
    • Engine changed to 6M70 (turbocharged), and wheelbase reduced to 6.0 meter.
    • Queen-II and -III deleted from line-up.
    • Tail light design changed (minor).

Aero Ace/Aero Queen Edit

Model lineupEdit

  • Aero Ace 12m (Hi-decker)
  • Aero Queen 12m (Super hi-decker)

Logistical lineupEdit

  • Hi-decker
    • Aero Queen I:12m
    • Aero Queen II:12m
    • Aero Queen III:12m
  • Super hi-decker
    • Aero Bus MS EX:12m
    • Aero Bus MS SA:12m
    • Aero Bus MS SX:12m
    • Aero Bus MS SD:12m
    • Aero Bus MS EX:11m
    • Aero Bus MS SX:11m
    • Aero Bus MS SD:11m
    • Aero Bus MM EX:9m
    • Aero Bus MM SD:9m

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