Foden Military spec truck

Foden ex-army logistics truck

Foden Military truck from rear

Foden with Armoured personnel charier and a light truck on board

Cletrac M2 at Kettering front IMG 1868

Cletrac military crawler

Military vehicles are built by many of the main manufactures, as specialist versions of there standard product line. Other manufacturers build specialist vehicles that are custom designed for special applications.


There is a large group of preservationist of vehicles who collect military vehicles. A lot of the Steam Rallies and Historic Vehicle Rallies have sections with military vehicles on display.

Military vehicles at UK ralliesEdit

Shows with Military VehiclesEdit

Military Land Rovers at NMM - IMG 2818

A Land Rover in Military version and a converted Military look Range Rover at a classic vehicle show


Landrover seies I reg SLD 332 in Desert clour scheme at Woolpit 09 - IMG 1428

Series I Land Rover of 1956 in Desert group paint scheme at the Woolpit Steam rally 2009

Hotchkiss M201 of 1959 reg NAS 884 and (right) 1944 Willys MB Jeep of E. Noy at Woolpit 09 - IMG 1430

A French built Hotchkiss M201 and an American Willys MB ' Jeep' both owned by E. Noy and on display at the Woolpit Steam rally 2009

Firms that make or have built Military vehicles;

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