International TD6 of 1952 IM Eacock - Malvern 09 - MG 5509

The brilliantly restored International TD-6 of 1952 at Tractor World Malvern 2009

JCB 3CIII of Mike Eacock at Malvern 08 - IMG 5528

Beautifully restored JCB 3CIII at Tractor World show at Malvern in 2009

Mike Eacock is a collector from Worcestershire. He has restored several machines to an excellent standard and they have been displayed at the SED show on the "Light House" charity stand. They have also appeared at several Midlands shows and been featured in Classic Plant & Machinery Magazine with stories of the rebuilds. He is noted for the quality of finish applied to all his machines and attention to detail. This has won him several awards at the shows her has attended for his machines.

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