Midland Industries of Heath Town Works, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire (now West Midlands), was an industrial manufacture of fitting, pressed products and agricultural machinery. The company was founded in 1946. Became a public company in 1954 Later traded as MIL Ltd. (may have closed in about 1970)


Milloader Model H for Ferguson

Old Advert for a MIL loader to fit the Ferguson Tractor

Manufacturers of;

  • "Milvac" Suction Cleaners.
  • "Milbrite" Kitchen Furniture, Sink Units, and Dressers, etc., in Aluminium Bright, Light and Rustless.
  • "Mindus" Electric Appliances.
  • MIL steam traps.
  • "Mil" steam fittings, traps, check valves, water heating control, reducing valves
  • Agricultural implements.

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