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A model P34.7 plus Telescopic forklift from MERLO

A Merlo Multifarmer 30.9 at the LAMMA show in 2009

Merlo is an Italian company specialise in material handling machinery building Telescopic Handlers and Roto type Forklifts. The firms history goes back to 1912.


The Merlo Companies history goes back to 1912 when the family founded a blacksmiths shop midway between Turin and Nice. During the 1920's and 30's, the company prospered and diversified into sub-fabrication works for paper and concrete producers in the area.

In 1964,- the son Amilcare and Natalino Merlo, set up in the nearby hamlet of Cervasca to produce mobile plant. The new company soon began producing dumpers and self loading mixers. These were followed by a small crane and a rough terrain forklift followed in 1970.

  • 1982 - Merlo saw the advantages of the telescopic handler concept and built their first handler, called the SM30 series. This machine had four wheel drive and four wheel steer which were uncommon in 1982 This spec is standard today for most machines of this type. It is claimed by Merlo that many of these first telescopic handlers are still in use today, testifying to their longevity.
  • 1987 - Introduce the Panaramic vision with side mounted engine and hydrostatic transmission.
  • 1991 - introduce the Roto concept that now offer reach up to 25 m
  • 2001 - The worlds 1st 10 ton capacity telescopic handler.
  • 2001 - The Multi-Farmer launched - a Telescopic Forklift and tractor combined. Won an award at the Royal show in 2002 for innovative design.
  • 2003 Ultra high lift range added for reach up to 16 m
  • 2004 Turbo farmer model added targeted to the agricultural market rather than construction industry.

Product range

A Merlo P 30.9-K with a man-up access basket

  • Agricultural spec machines
  • Telescopic handlers - industrial and construction use
  • Roto lift machines

Current models

Merlo P34.7 Farmer with a Albutt quick hitch fork carriage

  • Merlo Multifarmer P 30.9 - 9 m reach and 3 point linkage on rear
  • Merlo Multifarmer 40.7 - 7 m reach and 3-point linkage - New 2011
  • Merlo Multifarmer 40.9 CS - 9 m reach and 3-point linkage with Cab suspension - New 2011
  • Merlo P 34.7 plus - 7 m reach
    • Merlo P 34.7 Farmer - 7 m reach - farm spec


  • Merlo Eco a hybrid drive system. under test As of Jan 2011

Former models

  • Merlo SM30 - 1st Telescopic handler 1981 till ?
  • Merlo P 30.9-K - 9m reach

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