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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.JPG
2007 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Manufacturer Daimler-Benz (1995–1998)
DaimlerChrysler (1998–2007)
Daimler AG (2008–present Mercedes-Benz & Freightliner)
Chrysler Vans, LLC (2008–2010 Dodge)
Xinkai Auto (2004-present)[1]
Parent company Daimler AG
Also called Dodge Sprinter
Freightliner Sprinter
Volkswagen Crafter
Production 1995–present
Assembly Düsseldorf, Germany
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mexico City, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico
Gaffney, South Carolina, United States
Ladson, South Carolina, United States
Tai'an , China
Egypt (Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles)
Predecessor Mercedes-Benz T1
Class Light commercial vehicle, Full-size van (USA)
Body style(s) 4-door minivan
2-door pickup truck
4-door crew cab
4-door minibus
Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive
First generation
Mercedes sprinter 2 v sst.jpg
2000 Sprinter
Also called Dodge Sprinter
Freightliner Sprinter
Production 1995–2006
1996–2011 (Argentina)
Engine(s) Phase I 1995–2000:
2.3L I4 OM 601 79 hp Diesel
2.9L I5 OM 602 102 hp Turbodiesel
2.9L I5 OM 602 129 hp Turbodiesel
2.3L I4 M 111 143 hp DOHC 16v MPI
Phase II 2000–2006: 2.1L I4 OM 611 82 hp CDI
2.1L I4 OM 611 109 hp CDI
2.1L I4 OM 611 129 hp CDI
2.7L I5 OM 612/ OM 647 156 hp CDI
2.3L I4 M 111 143 hp DOHC 16V MPI
Transmission(s) 5-speed manual
5-speed automatic
Wheelbase SWB: 118.0 in (2997 mm)
MWB: 140.0 in (3556 mm)
LWB: 158.0 in (4013 mm)
Length SWB: 196.0 in (4978 mm)
MWB: 225.0 in (5715 mm)
MWB Wagon: 226.0 in (5740 mm)
LWB: 263.0 in (6680 mm)
Width 74.0 in (1880 mm)
Van: 78.3 in (1989 mm)
Wagon: 74.2 in (1885 mm)
Height 2500 High Ceiling SWB: 93.1 in (2365 mm)
2500 Super High Ceiling SWB: 102.0 in (2591 mm)
3500 Super High Ceiling: 93.0 in (2362 mm)
3500 High Ceiling: 94.0 in (2388 mm)
2500 Super High Ceiling 140/158 in WB: 104.0 in (2642 mm)
3500 Super High Ceiling 140/158 in WB: 103.0 in (2616 mm)
2500 Super High Ceiling Wagon: 93.5 in (2375 mm)
2500 High Ceiling 104 in WB: 95.0 in (2413 mm)
Related Volkswagen LT
Second generation
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter front 20081206.jpg
2008 Mercedes Sprinter
Also called Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Volkswagen Crafter
Production 2006–2010 (Dodge) 2006-Present (Rest of World)
Engine(s) 2.1L I4 OM 646 CDI
3.0L V6 OM642 CDI
3.5L V6 petrol/gasoline
Transmission(s) 6-speed manual
6-speed automatic
Wheelbase SWB: 3,250 mm (128.0 in) (not available in US)
MWB: 3,665 mm (144.3 in)
LWB: 4,325 mm (170.3 in)
Length Chassis Double Cab LWB:
6,680 mm (263.0 in)
6,840 mm (269.3 in)
6,845 mm (269.5 in)
Chassis Double Cab MWB:
5,870 mm (231.1 in)
6,085 mm (239.6 in)
6,140 mm (241.7 in)
Chassis Double Cab SWB:
5,305 mm (208.9 in)
5,560 mm (218.9 in)
Chassis Single Cab LWB:
6,680 mm (263.0 in)
6,845 mm (269.5 in)
6,930 mm (272.8 in)
Chassis Single Cab MWB:
5,870 mm (231.1 in)
6,020 mm (237.0 in)
6,085 mm (239.6 in)
Chassis Single Cab SWB:
5,305 mm (208.9 in)
5,570 mm (219.3 in)
7,345 mm (289.2 in)
6,940 mm (273.2 in)
5,910 mm (232.7 in)
5,245 mm (206.5 in)
Width Vans:
1,993 mm (78.5 in)[2]
Pickup Trucks:
1,990 mm (78.3 in)
Height Chassis Double Cab LWB:
2,420 mm (95.3 in)
2,405 mm (94.7 in)
Chassis Double Cab MWB:
2,440 mm (96.1 in)
2,425 mm (95.5 in)
Chassis Double Cab SWB:
2,365 mm (93.1 in) (also Chassis Single Cab SWB)
2,380 mm (93.7 in)
Chassis Single Cab LWB:
2,385 mm (93.9 in)
2,395 mm (94.3 in)
Chassis Single Cab MWB:
2,410 mm (94.9 in)
2,400 mm (94.5 in)
3,055 mm (120.3 in) (with roof)
3,050 mm (120.1 in) (with roof)
2,715 mm (106.9 in)
2,825 mm (111.2 in)
2,820 mm (111.0 in)
2,720 mm (107.1 in) (with roof)
3,050 mm (120.1 in) (with roof)
2,820 mm (111.0 in) (with roof)
2,435 mm (95.9 in)
2,535 mm (99.8 in)
2,435 mm (95.9 in)
2,725 mm (107.3 in) (with roof)
Related Volkswagen Crafter (LT3)
Designer Laurent Boulay


The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a light and heavy commercial vehicle, built by Daimler AG of Stuttgart, Germany as a van, chassis cab and minibus, and sold as a Mercedes model, except in the U.S. where it is built from complete knock down (CKD) kits and sold by Freightliner and formerly Dodge. Their automobile platform and bodyshell is also used in a joint venture with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles who made the Volkswagen LT and the Volkswagen Crafter.



The first generation Sprinter was launched in Europe in 1995 to replace the famous but outdated Mercedes-Benz T1 van (dating from 1977). It was voted International Van of the Year for 1995.

The second generation Sprinter was introduced in Europe in 2006. It was voted Van of the Year 2007 and again in 2008 by Professional Van and Light Truck Magazine.

North America

Short wheelbase American built 2009 Dodge Sprinter V-6 model.

The first generation (VA Chassis) North American Sprinter was launched in 2001 in the U.S., and originally branded as a Freightliner. Units sold to the rest of North America were badged as Mercedes until 2003 when they received Dodge branding. Units in the United States and Canada, but not in Mexico, could be purchased as a Dodge or Freightliner brand from 2003. The product was launched and supported by DaimlerChrysler Vans LLC, a small division based out of Huntersville, North Carolina. Key individuals from DaimlerChrysler Commercial Vehicle Division and Freightliner were selected to spearhead the effort and made up the bulk of the division. DaimlerChrysler Vans LLC retained sole responsibility for the North American Sprinter market until the sales, service and parts support responsibilities were absorbed by Chrysler Commercial Vehicle Division in 2004. Nearly all of the original staff were retained, though the base of operations shifted from North Carolina to Auburn Hills, Michigan. The remainder of DaimlerChrysler Vans LLC remained active in Huntersville as an engineering, upfitter certification and safety compliance resource in support of the Sprinter.

For 2003, DaimlerChrysler introduced a Dodge-branded version of the Sprinter to the North American market. It was identical to the Freightliner Trucks version except for minor styling details and badging. Rather than redesign the aging Dodge Ram Van which used the same basic body and layout since the 1970s and was discontinued in 2003, DaimlerChrysler chose to replace it with the Sprinter.

From 2001 through 2006, the cargo van versions of the Sprinter were manufactured in Dusseldorf Germany, partially disassembled and shipped to a facility in Gaffney, South Carolina where they were reassembled. The cargo versions, classified as light trucks, are subject to the 25% chicken tax if imported as a complete unit, which is avoided by the disassembly and subsequent reassembly. Passenger vans were not subject to the same tax classifications, and were imported as an assembled unit through Mercedes at the Port of Jacksonville, Florida.

The second generation (VB Chassis) Sprinter debuted in early 2007. The cargo version of this model is re-assembled at a plant in Ladson, South Carolina which was previously used as an American LaFrance factory. Like its predecessor, the passenger version is brought in as a complete unit. The previous reassembly facility in Gaffney, South Carolina continues to be used by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation. The second (North American) generation Sprinter is a complete redesign from the prior model, with the W5A380 transmission being the only significant carryover part from the earlier generation.

Mexican built 2009 Mercedes-Xicotencatl Sprinter-E extended V-12 model.

Mexican Sprinters are built in one of Mercedes-Benz Mexico's three factories in either Santiago Tianguistenco, Monterrey, and Mexico City and are branded as Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz-Valdez or Mercedes-Xicotencatl depending on which factory they were made in and what specific model they are. Mexican Sprinters feature heavier transmissions and can be fitted with a V-12 engine from the Mercedes S-Class for police and heavy duties. Mercedes-Benz Mexico offers a lengthened Sprinter not sold in other markets with the V-12 engine badged as the Sprinter-E (E for Special "Especial"). The Sprinter E is used mainly for police duties but is commonly used in other roles as well. Mexican built Sprinters have redesigned interiors from the German models and come in the wood paneled luxury trim standard. Between 2006 and 2010 the Sprinter has been the most popular van in Mexico.


The Sprinter van was sold as the Mercedes-Benz Transporter T1N due to Toyota using the name on a upgraded Corolla.

Dodge Branded North American sales

Calendar Year Sales
2008[3] 14,600
2009[4] 7,154


The Sprinter is designed primarily for business, not private users, although recreational vehicle (RV) conversions are available. In the US, the first generation Sprinters (2001–2006) were offered solely with the Mercedes-Benz 2.7 litre straight five cylinder turbodiesel.

Companies such as Microsoft are replacing van conversions with wide bus bodies - with Sprinters with side-facing benches and tall right-side doors - as campus shuttle buses. Limited numbers of complete "wagons" (passenger vans) are being produced in Germany and shipped complete to the U.S. market for mostly individual and church van uses. Typical Sprinter Wagons are 8–10 passengers, and have glass in all of the normal positions that windows can be factory installed. Vans shipped to the U.S. on-spec (speculation to sell by dealer/distributor) are mostly sent in Arctic White color, but many standard and a few special colors are available on these passenger vans. The Dodge dealer network for Sprinters is limited to certified locations (known as "Business Link" certified dealers, usually only awarded to "Five Star" certified dealers), and dealer knowledge is still limited in both sales and service. Special orders typically take one to three months for delivery, and make stretch out even longer, due to the assembly and disassembly in Germany, and exporting of parts to South Carolina for re-assembly; the exception being passenger van models which are assembled in Germany and exported assembled.

In North America, most Sprinters are sold as cargo vans to expediters in the United States. Such expediters are similar to truck drivers, except they take smaller loads and will wait in a town indefinitely after unloading, until dispatchers find another customer nearby to transport goods. The advent of the Sprinter van with its cargo space of 13-1/2 feet (4.1 m) has allowed van expediters to take three 48 x 48 in (1.22 x 1.22 m) skids or pallets where previously they were confined to two. A Sprinter driver is capable of hauling approximately 3000 lb (1360 kg) of cargo.

Chinese built Mercedes-Xinkai Sprinter use by Hong Kong Police Force.

Another market in which Sprinters are gaining ground is as van conversions and recreational vehicles. Conversions include RV's, limousines, family and luxury vans, office vans, wheelchair accessible vans, and golf vans. Sprinter RV conversions can also be called Sprinter campervans. RV converted Sprinters have been produced by Airstream (Interstate, Parkway, and imported Westfalia), Coach House (Platinum II), Coachmen (Prism), Fleetwood (Pulse, Icon), Forest River (Solera, MB Cruiser), Four Winds (Ventura, Dutchman Dorado, Chateau Citation, Siesta), Great West Vans (Sprinter Legend), Gulf Stream (Vista Cruiser), Jayco (Precept), Leisure Travel Vans (Freedom II, Serenity, Free Spirit), Midwest (Sprinter RV Camper Van), Phoenix (Cruiser 2350 and 2400), Pleasure-Way (Ascent, Plateau), Roadtrek (RS Adventurous, SS Agile, SS Ideal), and Winnebago (View, Navion, Era).

Despite not being marketed as a family vehicle, a custom-modified version of the Dodge-branded version of the van is used by the ten-member Gosselin family, the subjects of the TLC reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8.[5]

In Colombia the Sprinter is the first van in intercity transport. The Sprinter was famous for the case of Son of former President Julio Cesar Turbay, Julio Cesar Turbay Jr. in public employ like "Contralor of Republic had an Scandal for bought a Mercedes Sprinter with luxury accesories. see:

A Mercedes Sprinter is also the vehicle used by Mike and Frank on The History Channel reality series American Pickers.[6]


For its engine choices, the Sprinter is currently offered with inline four and inline six cylinder diesel engines; inline six cylinder petrol/gasoline; or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) engines in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. In North America, only the six cylinder 3.0 litre turbodiesel and six cylinder 3.5 litre gasoline engines are offered.

An electric hybrid version has been tested, but is not currently officially part of the Sprinter range.[7][8][9][10]

2000–present (2002–2006 USA)

models engine code configuration displacement max. power max. torque
208 CDI
308 CDI
408 CDI
OM 611 inline four 16v DOHC 2,148 cc (131.1 cu in) 82 PS (60 kW/81 hp) 200 N·m (148 ft·lbf)
211 CDI
311 CDI
411 CDI
OM 611 inline four 16v DOHC 2,148 cc (131.1 cu in) 109 PS (80 kW/108 hp) 270 N·m (199 ft·lbf)
213 CDI
313 CDI
413 CDI
OM 611 inline four 16v DOHC 2,148 cc (131.1 cu in) 129 PS (95 kW/127 hp) 300 N·m (221 ft·lbf)
216 CDI
316 CDI
416 CDI
616 CDI
OM 612 /
OM 647
inline five 20v DOHC 2,685 cc (163.8 cu in) 156 PS (115 kW/154 hp) 330 N·m (243 ft·lbf)
M 111 inline four 16v DOHC 2,295 cc (140.0 cu in) 143 PS (105 kW/141 hp) 210 N·m (155 ft·lbf)

Currently the T1N Mk. Ⅱ generation is still manufactured by the Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles in Brazil for the local market.[11]

2006–present (2007–2010 USA)

models engine code configuration displacement max. power max. torque
209 CDI
309 CDI
509 CDI
OM 646 inline four 16v DOHC 2,148 cc (131.1 cu in) 88 PS (65 kW/87 hp) 220 N·m (162 ft·lbf)
211 CDI
311 CDI
411 CDI
511 CDI
OM 646 inline four 16v DOHC 2,148 cc (131.1 cu in) 109 PS (80 kW/108 hp) 280 N·m (207 ft·lbf)
213 CDI
313 CDI
OM 646 inline four 16v DOHC 2,148 cc (131.1 cu in) 129 PS (95 kW/127 hp) 305 N·m (225 ft·lbf)
215 CDI
315 CDI
415 CDI
515 CDI
OM 646 inline four 16v DOHC 2,148 cc (131.1 cu in) 150 PS (110 kW/148 hp) 330 N·m (243 ft·lbf)
218 CDI
318 CDI
418 CDI
518 CDI
OM 642 V6 24v DOHC 2,987 cc (182.3 cu in) 184 PS (135 kW/181 hp) 400 N·m (295 ft·lbf)
M 272 V6 24v DOHC 3,498 cc (213.5 cu in) 258 PS (190 kW/254 hp) 340 N·m (251 ft·lbf)

The Sprinter is also available as the 316/416/516 NGT - Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).[12]

In 2010[when?], Dodge lost its contract to sell Sprinters in USA/Canada and a subset of Mercedes-Benz dealers gained that franchise, and the OM646 4-cylinder diesel engine replaced by more powerful OM651 4-cylinder diesel engine. Sprinters sold in the United States still lack many popular options that are available in Europe, including 4 wheel drive, Command Navigation System, 4-cylinder OM651 diesel (which should give 27 miles per US gallon), electric sliding doors, and keyless entry (which senses the presence of the key fob and automatically opens a sliding door).

Sprinter model range

The model designations for the first generation Sprinter are W901, W902, W903, W904 and W905, depending on the gross weight rating.

  • Passenger van
  • Conversion van
  • Cargo van
  • Minibus
  • Cab-chassis

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