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Mercedes-Benz OF 1215
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Production start 1991
Production end 1994
Production Virrey del Pino, La Matanza, province of Buenos Aires.
Predecessor Mercedes-Benz OF 1214
Successor -
Layout Dual rear wheel 4x2
Engine(s) Diesel

Frontal engine front bus that had the misfortune of being very close to its name to the sempiternal of 1214 of the early 80's, but which had few similarities and basic mechanical differences (engine, gearbox, clutch, differential, steering, etc). It could not be reached at a worse time, which the passenger transport companies openly preferred the models of the OH series (Omninbussen Heckmotor) or rather, rear engine bus chassis, to the detriment of the front impeller. Even so, it was available for several years in the market and oriented a line of the interior of the country and with rural, interurban routes of wild roads, etc. There was no direct replacement and they were manufactured in a total of 649 units.

Model history

For brand history, see Mercedes-Benz.


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