Melitopol Engine Plant - MeMZ
Type Privately-held company
Founded 1908
Founder(s) Zaferman
Headquarters Melitopol, Ukraine
Industry automobile manufacturing
Products automobile engines
Parent ZAZ

MeMZ is short for "Melitopol Engine Plant" (Ukrainian: "Мелітопольський моторний завод"). The factory was founded in 1908 by a Mennonite entrepreneur by the name of Zaferman. Until 1925 the factory focused mainly on diesel engines specifically for applications in agricultural machinery and fishing ships. In the maelstrom of events occurring in Soviet Union and the world, the small factory was forced to slow down production, until completely evacuating the plant in 1941.


The large industrial city of Melitopol was freed from Nazi occupation in 1944, at which time the National Committee of USSR ordered the factory to resume operations.

In 1958 the factory was renamed MeMZ and started developing micro car engines for ZAZ. In 1960 MeMZ released the first gasoline powered engine - the MeMZ-965. The original engine had a peak power output of 23 horsepower, roughly 17 kilowatts. Despite being small, the engine produced a great-deal of heat, all of which could not be effectively dissipated by an air-cooling system. In 1963 the initial design saw some improvements and the new MeMZ-966 model was released into mass production.

The factory was incorporated into AvtoZAZ holding in 1975.

MeMZ-966 engineEdit

The MeMZ-966 was an economy model; underpowered, but quite cheap to produce. As a result it was implemented in what the Soviet government hoped to be the first "National" vehicle; the ZAZ (often referred to as Zaporozhets) - short for Zaporozhia Automotive Factory. The ZAZ model-line cars were intended to be affordable, therefore they were neither safe nor reliable; nevertheless they were a success since people would rather have some means of transportation as opposed to none at all. MeMZ continued to upgrade its engines, which eventually found uses in other vehicles.

The engine looks a bit like the VW air cooled boxer four, except that the two cylinder banks are at a 90 degree angle. As Russian car owners were expected to do much of the servicing themselves, and auto workshops were in short supply anyway, this layout was more practical.


With the establishment of AutoZAZ-Daewoo in 1998, the factory was renamed AutoZAZ-Motor, and then incorporated into the ZAZ in 2002.

Engine Models Edit

Model MeMZ965 965A/966 968 2471/2477 301/3011 307/3071
Type OHV V4 OHV V4 OHV V4 I4 I4 I4
Volume 746 cc 887 cc 1.2 L 1.091/1.197 L 1.299 L 1.299 L
Power 23 hp (17 kW) 27 hp (20 kW) 42 hp (31 kW) 51–58 hp (38–43 kW) 63 hp (47 kW) 64–70 hp (48–52 kW)
Cooling Air Air Air Water Water Water
Used in ZAZ-965 Zaporozhets ZAZ-965A/966 Zaporožec ZAZ-968 Zaporožec ZAZ-1102 Tavria, ZAZ-1105 Dana/Slavuta, Daewoo Sens

MeMZ 307/3071 are fuel injected versions of 301/3011

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