The McCurd brand was associated with a number of companies founded by Wallace Atherton McCurd, an engineer.


Wallace Atherton McCurd was involved with several companies:

  • W. A. McCurd Ltd - (registerd 26 July 1905)
  • McCurds Ltd - (1908)
  • McCurd Lorry Manufacturing Co. Ltd. - (1913)
  • McCurd Motors Ltd - (1928)


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A manufacturer of motoring equipment such as jacks for motor cycles.[1]

The company incorporated in 1905 became a Ltd co., as W.A. McCurd Ltd

McCurd Lorry Manufacturing Co. Ltd.Edit

W.A. McCurd announced his first lorry chassis in November 1912 at which time the company was based at 10-11 South Crescent, Store Street, London WC.[2] By 1913 McCurd is recorded as having a factory at Finchley and then moved to Blyth Road, Hayes, Middlesex, in late 1921.

The company built a number of 2,3 and 5 ton trucks with a worm drive axle and bonneted layout between 1912 and 1914. One example of the 5 ton truck survives - reg no. BC 2365 with a box van body and open 'cab'. After WWI production continued until 1921.

The company is also recorded as offering a PSV chassis in 1920 fitted with Four wheel brakes (most vehcles only had brakes on one axle at the time).

McCurd also operated as a car dealer.

A McCurd 1220 car was introduced in 1922 but it was not a success. and the company folded in 1927.

In February 1928 a new company, McCurd Motors Ltd, was formed and had premises on the Slough Trading Estate.

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