McCormick-Deering W-30
McCormick-Deering W-30 1932
McCormick-Deering W-30 from 1932 brochure
Model history
Model introduced 1932
Model discontinued 1940
Model status Discontinued
No. produced 32,531
Preceded by 10-20
Superseded by W-6
Engine Specification
Engine make International
Fuel type kerosene
Power hp 33 belt, 24 drawbar
Governed rpm 1150
Displacement cu in /(litre) 284 ci
No. of Cylinders 4
Bore in (mm) 4.25 in
Stroke in (mm) 5 in
Cooling system Water
Naturally aspirated, Turbo or Supercharged NA
Transmission Details
Transmission type sliding gear
Gearbox make International
Forward 3
Reverse 1
Drive 2-WD
General Data
Linkage Category Drawbar
Tyre Sizes (std/options)
Front steel 30"x4.5"
Rear steel 42"x12"
Tractor Dimensions
Length (inches/metres) 121 in
Width (inches/meters) 66
Height (inches/meters) 63 in
Weight (nominal) lb/kg 5150 lb
Turning circle (nominal) inches/meters 27 ft
Wheelbase 72 in
Other info
Plow rating 3
Nebraska Tests No. 210
Approximate Cost new in (year) $975 (1932)
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The McCormick-Deering W-30 was built by International Harvester from 1932 to 1940.

Model historyEdit

For company history see main International Harvester article.

The McCormick-Deering W-30 was a standard 4-wheel tractor with the same engine as the Farmall F-30. In appearance it resembled the older McCormick-Deering 10-20, but it was slightly modernized and lacked the louvered hood side panels of the older model. The W-30 was planned as the more-powerful replacement for the 10-20, but the 10-20 remained very popular and both tractors ended up being produced simultaneously for several years.

Timeline Edit

Factory locations Edit

International Harvester Tractor Works, Chicago, Illinois


See infobox for basic details

Variations and Options Edit

  • W-30 Orchard model
  • W-30 Orchard California Special model
  • 4-speed transmission replaced 3-speed in 1938
  • Available rubber tires
    • 1934
      • Front: 6.00-16
      • Rear: 11.25-24
    • 1936
      • Front: 7.50-16, 7.50-18
      • Rear: 11.25-28, 12.75-24, 12.75-28
    • 1938
      • Front: 6.00-20
      • Rear: 11.25-28, 12.75-28, 13.50-28

Serial numbers and production figuresEdit

Year Serial run[1] Number Built[2] Notes (Total built 32,531).
1932 WB501-521 11
1933 WB522-547 26
1934 WB548-3181 2634
1935 WB3182-9722 6541
1936 WB9723-15094 6236
1937 WB15095-23833 7875
1938 WB23834-29921 6088
1939 WB29922-32481 2560
1940 WB32482-33041 560

Note: "Number Built" and "Serial Run" may not always agree if they are based on different International Harvester records. Different parts of the company did not always agree on the interpretation of production vs. sales or model year vs. calendar year vs. sales year vs. fiscal year.

Preserved modelsEdit

Tom & Patty Sapak, Saginaw, Michigan own a restored 1935 W-30.[3]

Gallery Edit

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