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McCormick-Deering O-12
McCormick-Deering O-12 1934.jpg
McCormick-Deering O-12 of 1934 on rubber tires at the Tulare, California antique tractor show, 2004
Model history
Model introduced 1934
Model discontinued 1938
Model status Discontinued Discontinued
No. produced ~3,770
Superseded by McCormick-Deering O-14
Engine Specification
Engine make International
Fuel type gasoline
Power hp 19 belt
Governed rpm 2000
Displacement cu in /(litre) 113 ci
No. of Cylinders 4
Bore in (mm) 3
Stroke in (mm) 4
Cooling system Water
Naturally aspirated, Turbo or Supercharged NA
Transmission Details
Transmission type sliding gear
Gearbox make International
Forward 3
Reverse 1
Drive 2-WD
General Data
Linkage Category Drawbar
Tyre Sizes (std/options)
Front 6.00-9
Rear 9.00-24
Tractor Dimensions
Length (inches/metres) 103 in
Width (inches/meters) 50 in
Height (inches/meters) 52 in
Weight (nominal) lb/kg 3200 lb
Turning circle (nominal) inches/meters 18.5 ft
Wheelbase 60 in
Other info
Factories Tractor Works, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Plow rating 1-2
Approximate Cost new in (year) $800 (1934)
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The McCormick-Deering O-12 was built by International Harvester from 1934 to 1938 in the Chicago, Illinois Tractor Works factory, USA.

Model history

The McCormick-Deering O-12 was very similar to the W-12 but had some different features to adapt it to working in orchards. The engine was governed at 2,000 rpm for a little more power. Orchard fenders and low-mounted air intake and exhaust protected low-hanging limbs and fruit. Rubber tires were standard and small-diameter wheels reduced the overall height.


Factory locations

  • International Harvester Tractor Works, Chicago, Illinois, USA


See infobox for basic details

Variations and Options

Available rubber tires

  • Front: 6.00-16
  • Rear: 11.25-24

Serial numbers and production figures

Year Serial run[1] Number Built[2] Notes .
1934 OS512-1091 580
1935 OS1092-1625 534
1936 OS1626-2276 651
1937 OS2277-3260 984
1938 OS3261-3881 621
Total built - ~3,370

Note: "Number Built" and "Serial Run" may not always agree if they are based on different International Harvester records. Different parts of the company did not always agree on the interpretation of production vs. sales or model year vs. calendar year vs. sales year vs. fiscal year.

Preserved models

David & Carol Garber, Goshen, Indiana own a restored 1937 O-12 with the optional streamlined, enclosed, orchard fenders.[3]

  • 435 XUN - McCormick-Deering O-12 sn ? - shown at Newark 2009, owned by ?


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