For the American tractor brand, see McConnell Tractors.McConnel are a British manufacture of Agricultural Machinery. The firm is based in Ludlow in Shropshire.


McConnel hedge cutter on a Fordson at GDSF 08 - IMG 0672

An early manual adjusted McConnel hedge cutter mounted on a Fordson tractor at GDSF in 2008

McConnel stand and hedge cutter at Lamma - IMG 4734

A McConnel hedge cutter unit on the Stand at LAMMA show in 2009

McConnel Model S Power Arm Digger at Newark 09 - IMG 6307

A restored 1963 McConnel Model S Power Arm at Newark Tractor show 2009

McConnel built one of the first hedge cutters back in 1948. This early machin was adjustable by hand and driven by an engine mounted on a boom to counter ballance the cutter head of circular saws, or a finger bar type (no flail heads).

The Company is now part of the Alamo Group of Texas in the USA.

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