McCauley trailers at SED 09 - IMG 8273

Selection of industrial trailer on the companies stand at the SED exhibition in 2009

McCauley Trailers (also known as MAC Trailers) are a Northern Ireland based manufacturer of agricultural and road transport trailers. The company is based in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.


McCauley Trailers was founded in 1955 and began manufacturing car trailers, plant trailers, livestock trailers and bespoke trailers at a factory in Co. Antrim.[1]

The current management purchased McCauley Trailers in 1986 from the original founders and began to manufacture agricultural trailers to suit the Irish market, as farms invested in new machinery under EU modernisation grants.

McCauley Trailers moved to its current location; a 4 acre site in Toomebridge, Co. Antrim in 1995.

McCauley Trailers began in 2000 to brand their commercial vehicle trailers under the brand name MAC Trailers.

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The company has agents in several countries and markets its products at trade exhibitions such as the now defunct SED show for the construction industry.

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