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Mastenbroek are a manufacturer of trenchers and drainage machinery based in Lincolnshire.

Company historyEdit

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The company initially built trenchers for the draining of the East Anglian fens were they were based. In the 1970s there were grants to farmers for land drainage works to improve marginal farm land so large areas were drained.

When the grants finished demand for drainage trencher 'dried up' as the only users were sports field builders and for some civil engineering projects.

new machines were developed to install water and gas pipes as utility contractors looked for ways to speed up installation of new services as they switched to 'continuous' welded plastic pipes from cast iron and steel. Cutting a narrow slot trench saved on waste disposal and backfill as well as needing less space to work. Mastenbroek developed several hard rock trenchers for civil engineering use.

The the advent of better hydraulic control systems also meant that semi-automatic guided machines that cut a straight level trench could be developed using early lasers & a detector on the machine to guide it.

Product rangeEdit

  • Land Drainage trenchers
  • Land drainage ploughs
  • Dewatering trenchers
  • Hard rock trenchers
  • Stone carts
  • Pipe and cable installation guides
  • Sub-sea trenchers & ploughs for installing cables and pipelines in the sea bed
  • waterway maintenance machinery (UK agents for ?)
  • Amphibious excavator pontoon units to suit all makes of excavator upper structure

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