Massey Ferguson Argentina
Predecessor Rheinstahl Hanomag Cura SA
Founded 1969
Defunct 1999
Headquarters Granadero Baigorria, Argentina
Products agriculture machinery tractor
Parent Massey Ferguson
MF 165 (Argentina)(Hanomag) plate

Massey Ferguson-Rheinstahl Hanomag Cura SA plate on early tractors

MF 165 (MF Argentina) plate

Massey Ferguson Argentina SA plate on later tractors

Massey Ferguson Argentina S.A. was formed in 1969 after the purchase of Rheinstahl Hanomag Cura SA, the Argentine licensee of Hanomag. Hanomag tractors were manufactured for a couple years after the purchase, as Massey Ferguson worked to introduce MF tractors to Argentina. The parent company, Massey Ferguson, purchased the agriculture division of Hanomag in Germany in 1969. Based in Granadero Baigorria, Santa Fe, Argentina, Massey Ferguson Argentina eventually manufactured tractors and construction machinery in Argentina.

In 1978, launc the "Misión Futuro" tractors, like the 250, 1175, 1195 and 1215.

In 1982, Massey Ferguson corporate was struggling financially, and sold off the Argentina operations as Massey Ferguson Argentina S.A., and licensed the company to produce MF equipment. In 1982, they also sold the 30% interest in Perkins Argentina S.A. that they had owned.


A last attempt to revive the Rastrojeros factory was carried out by the San Juan company Imetal S.A. belonging to the group Massey Ferguson with the presentation in 1989 of the known utility truck, this time renamed with the native name of Ranquel. The project included the production of the pick up and the front truck at a rate of about 1,000 units a year, starting with 500 in the first period. The distribution was in charge of Massey Ferguson that had a wide network of 55 dealers distributed throughout the country.

AGCO stage Edit

After a series of ownership changes with Massey Ferguson, AGCO purchased the company. They had previously acquired the North American distribution rights to MF. As AGCO kept expanding, in 1998, AGCO purchased the distribution rights from Massey Ferguson Argentina S.A., re-uniting part of the Argentina operations with the parent company. Massey Ferguson Argentina S.A. itself filed bankruptcy in 1999, but was no longer involved in the MF operations.


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