The Massey Ferguson 300 series was introduced in 1986 as a new general purpose series, with a number of 'speciality models built in Italy.[1] This series replaced the Massey Ferguson 200 series in the low to mid/high hp market. The range consisted of ? main models + the special purpose variants, and ranged from 3 to 6 cylinder engines with a wide range of gearbox options from manual to speedshift (an early semi automatic). Powers ranged from 40 hp to 100 hp. These new models were built in the British factory with special models built by Landini in Italy along with some built for other markets in Turkey. The series was replaced by the Massey Ferguson 4000 series in 1997, but odd models survived into the 21st century built by Turkish and middle eastern manufacturers like ITMCo.

The Massey Ferguson 3000 series with high tec electronics was built in France and was also released in 1986, covering the 90 hp to 170 hp range.

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Italian built 'speciality' models;
in Narrow & short, Narrow short & low, very narrow, High clearance.
crawler range (built in Italy)

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  • Massey Ferguson web site

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